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Kia Optima Hybrid: It's finally available


Kia Optima Hybrid: It's finally available picture #1

Kia Optima Hybrid model year 2014

The South Korean manufacturer Kia has the wind in its sails and presents for a couple of years a multitude of novelties who earn the favor of the Canadian public. Thus, after the Kia Forte, Forte Koup and Forte5, Sorento, Sportage and Optima sedan here that the hybrid version of the Optima has just made its entry in brand dealers in Canada.

The Optima Hybrid sedan is offered in two variants: Hybrid and Hybrid Premium.

The Optima Hybrid uses a GDI four-cylinder 2.4-liter engine combines a electriqque engine that delivers a power of 40.2 liters and above a couple of 151.2 lb-ft em electric only mode. In total, the hybrid engine develops an output of 206.2 horsepower and 195.5 lb-ft. All mates has a battery lasting lithium-polymer as well as a six-speed automatic transmission.

According to the data of the manufacturer, the car has a fuel economy ASSESSED only 4.9 li/100 km highway and 5.6 liters in urban traffic.

Here is the statement issued by Kia Canada:


Kia Canada is the very first hybrid on the market:

Optima Hybrid 2011

• The first Kia hybrid combines technology, efficiency and design more advanced has impressive fuel economy.

• The addition of a hybrid model maintains the dramatic transformation of the Kia brand.

Nanaimo, BC, July 28, 2011 - As the newest model in the transformation of Kia focused on the design, the all-new 2011 Optima midsize sedan sees the arrival of another version: the Optima Hybrid , with a base price of $ 30,595. Offering impressive lines, spacious interior and a fuel economy of unsurpassed, the first full hybrid Kia in North America will attract those looking for a sleek and well-equipped sedan that does not sacrifice style, comfort, performance or value for this energy efficient efficiency. The Optima Hybrid features a new powertrain with many innovations provide exceptional hybrid performance and efficiency.

"Placing on the Canadian market in 2011 Optima Hybrid is an important step for Kia as part of its transformation focused on the design, enhancing the technology world category," said Maria Soklis, COO Kia Canada Inc. "The hybrid between reinforces our position as a carmaker responsible, continuing to provide Canadians with environmentally friendly vehicles, world class. "

The 2011 Optima Hybrid uses a parallel hybrid system that can operate in a mode without pollution or a gasoline-electric mixed mode. If the vehicle makes a stop and the electrical load is low, the gasoline engine turns off to completely eliminate fuel consumption at idle and emission.

Lithium-polymer battery sustainable

Superb efficiency of the Optima Hybrid 2011 comes largely from its lithium-polymer battery developed in South Korea by our partner LG Chem. The power and energy density of this group energetics has allowed Kia to create a more compact and lighter set with 30 kilowatts has a weight of 43.6 kg (95.9 lb) - less than the nickel-metal hydride of Toyota Camry Hybrid 2011 - helping to improve the fuel economy and maximize the Optima luggage space.

Battery Optima Hybrid retains its charge up to 25 per cent longer than the nickel-metal hydride batteries; the battery should be more useful energy available even if it is not in use. This increased efficiency allows a greater portion of the kinetic energy and the energy load of the engine gasoline be recovered to move the vehicle; it can then provide an electrical support more frequently and for longer periods. In addition, the lithium-polymer possesses the characteristics of self-discharge lower than most rechargeable batteries.

Unique hybrid architecture of its kind

Unlike most powerplants groups currently on the market, the Optima Hybrid features unique architecture of its kind. Compared to hybrid power system has divided found on vehicles from Toyota or Ford, the Optima Hybrid uses a electric drive mounted on the transmission (EEMT) or electric motor is separated from the same transmission. Offering several advantages, this modular assembly forms a more efficient powertrain, using several already existing as a six-speed automatic transmission Optima 2.4L GDI components; this translates into a reduction in the cost to the consumer. And also sees future combinations including the application of more powerful motors and higher capacity batteries.

The Optima Hybrid is one of the first on the market to do an automatic call box no. The automatic transmission is extremely compact six reports that debuted on the 2011 Kia Sorento CUV, the hybrid version passes almost unchanged. An external electric oil pump has been added to provide the necessary to keep the clutches engaged when the vehicle is in idle stop mode hydraulic pressure.

The electric motor of the Optima Hybrid is coupled to the shaft inlet transmission and adopts a synchronous electric traction motor with permanent magnets. It develops 40.2 HP (30 kW) and a torque of 151.2 lb-ft electric only mode and an astonishing power of 206.2 HP has a couple of 195.5 lb-ft hybrid mode. This unit replaces the torque converter clutch has multiple disks mounted between the gasoline engine and electric motor, enabling the petrol engine to be disengaged from the drivetrain modes of idle stop and electric drive. This arrangement allows the powertrain, including the torsional damper, to be mounted in virtually the same space as the ordinary torque converter. The Optima Hybrid technology allows the vehicle to realize an astonishing fuel economy of both the highway in town, 4.9 and 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers respectively.

The hybrid starter-generator (HSG) is another unique component Optima hybrid. The starter-generator of 8.5 kilowatts causes belt from the Theta II engine and provides the same voltage of 270 volts as the electric traction motor and the lithium-polymer, but does not provide any tractive effort to the vehicle. Rather, the HSG is given only to start the engine petrol then charge the hybrid battery.

One of the main advantages of hybrid electric powertrain lies in its ability to regenerate the energy lost during braking and store it for use during acceleration and cruising speed was rolling. When you press the brake pedal, the gasoline engine is disengaged the traction motor, eliminating friction. The electric motor then works to the way a generator to recharge the hybrid battery. Convert kinetic energy into electrical energy rather than thermal energy by friction brakes reduces wear on brake pads last longer. If conditions require frequent emergency braking or driving downhill, rely on regenerative braking allows the brakes to be more effective.

The Optima Hybrid uses a system of electronic braking command to establish the driver's braking needs based on the pressure on the pedal which is then converted to total brake torque required. The hybrid control then detects the level of battery charge, vehicle speed and other specific conditions for the conduct in order to establish the potential regenerative braking system. The brake control system then receives the maximum regenerative braking level to manage the friction braking torque so that total net torque is equal to the needs of the driver.

Like all 2011 Optima, the hybrid version uses a power steering by a electric motor (EPAS) that instantly provides the required torque only when it is required for maneuvers. Reduced weight compared to the assisted hydraulic steering, the EPAS is independent of the petrol engine and provides support even if the petrol engine does not work, as in a stop at idle or low electric mode.

The Optima Hybrid is also equipped with an electric compressor for air conditioner, climate control providing the space even when the gasoline engine is cut. Just as the power steering by electric motor, the electric air conditioning compressor reduces the load on the powertrain, cutting fuel consumption and allowing more precise control on request.

Taking advantage of instant and continuous torque provided by the electric motor, Kia engineers have modified the 2.4-liter Theta II to accept the Atkinson cycle, raising the compression ratio by 20 pc to maximize efficiency and realize a fuel economy of 10 per cent compared to the regular Theta engine. The cycle generates a little less torque, but the electric motor compensates for any loss. Also, the power and torque of the general Optima Hybrid are they higher than those of the model without turbo petrol.

The lightness of the architecture of the new Optima platform, combined with the lightness of the lithium-polymer battery, carries the weight of the Optima hybrid as low as 1,586 kilograms (3,489 lb) or 104.5 kilos ( 230 lb) less than the Ford Fusion Hybrid 2011. All this contributes to the high performance and superb efficiency energy efficient.

Besides the innovative powertrain Optima Hybrid, Kia's engineers have attacks all aspects of the efficiency including aerodynamics and rolling resistance. The Optima Hybrid features unique aerodynamic refinements of their kind on the outside, a reduced ride height, a system of flaps active air, low friction wheels and underbody aerodynamics to reduce friction, while tires with low rolling resistance help to enhance the effectiveness. The coefficient of friction of the Optima Hybrid is exceptionally weak to 0.26.

Are all the ultra efficient drivetrain, tires with low rolling resistance and aerodynamic lines of the Optima Hybrid is really translate into exceptional energy efficient efficiency.

Safety above all

Like all other models Kia Optima offers a high level of safety features serial. The security of the Optima has been confirmed with the award of "First choice in safety" from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The Optima offers six airbags (two front airbags advances two cushions on the lateral side of the front seats and two full length curtain), front headrests active anti-whiplash lateral beams in the doors, belts Security front pretensioners and adjustable height of seat belts has three points all positions of the lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH) headquarters, an anti-lock braking system (ABS) with four wheels, Electronic stability control (ESC), the Traction Control (TCS), an emergency braking assistance (BAS) and a start assist (HAC), all serial.

Warranty in the industry head

The 2011 Optima is covered by Kia's comprehensive warranty provides the consumer with unmatched protection. The program includes a warranty of 5 years/100, 000 km powertrain limited basic warranty of 5 years/100, 000 km anti-perforation warranty 5 years / unlimited Kilometers. The roadside assistance for 5 years/100, 000 km is also part of the comprehensive coverage Kia.

Versions and features of the Optima Hybrid 2011

Optima Hybrid - beginner to $ 30,595

Atkinson cycle engine l4 IMP 2.4L, 166 HP, 154 lb-ft of torque

Electric motor, 40 HP, 151 lb-ft of torque

206 HP, 195 lb-ft of torque, combined

Transmission: 6-speed automatic has

Standard features: 16-inch alloy wheels, 205/65R16 tires with low rolling resistance (LRR), dynamic dampers, steering assisted by electric motor, six airbags, active front head restraints anti-whiplash, disc brakes four-wheel anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control (ESC), boot pushbutton, Smart Key system, keyless entry, steering wheel leather sheath has tilt and telescopic column, cruise control, radio controls and 'switch Active Eco "montes driving, group supervision improves LCD, onboard computer, autonoircissant mirror, compass and Homelink device, shift knob leather sheath speeds, dark silvery trim, black painted metal trim, door trim and lid Console leatherette, sunshade fabric, sunglasses holder, leatherette seats and fabric seats, heated front seat of driver memory, seats driver and front passenger electric control, driver seat lumbar support of a command electric pocket on the back of seats, fixed rear seat (due to the battery), power windows and locks, Power windows, automatic unlocking of shock detection, automatic locking doors (depending on the gear ratio), front windows has electrical controls with detection of obstruction, lowering / bearing expression front windows, fully automatic climate control (two zones), rear ventilation, air filter cabin, a cooled glove box, UVO infotainment, rearview camera, stereo system AM / FM/CD/MP3/satellite, AUX and USB, six speakers, Bluetooth hands-free connectivity, LED taillights, headlights have automatic lights, front fog lights, heated exterior mirrors, Power windows, lights a LED the exterior mirrors, windshield wiper de-icer windshield glass solar UV, rear spoiler, sport grille signature exterior door handles half-chrome, silent hides, chrome door moldings, front fender and rear.

Optima Hybrid Premium - from $ 35,495

Atkinson cycle engine l4 IMP 2.4L, 166 HP, 154 lb-ft of torque

Electric motor, 40 HP, 151 lb-ft of torque

206 HP, 195 lb-ft of torque, combined

Transmission: 6-speed automatic has

Characteristic series of Optima Hybrid, plus: 17 inch alloy wheels, 215/55R17 tires with low rolling resistance (LRR), navigation system, heated steering wheel, leather seats, heated front seats / air conditioned, heated rear seats , dashboard trim Leatherette, panoramic sunroof, windshield with rain detection, xenon HID headlights, hi Infinity 530-watt high-end cable for iPod roof, cockpit ambient lighting (red light), low to enlighten stainless steel door, LED reading lamp in hand, automatic defogging.

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