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Women in the car: GM Powertrain in Turin gives the example

• GM invests 20 million euros in its modern technical center in Turin

• The technical center has tripled in size over the last six years

• Approximately 20% of engineers are women

Turin. GM today announced an additional investment of € 20 million for its technical center in Turin, where women account for about 20% of its engineers. Equality between the sexes, GM is a the forefront of competition and much better than many Italian companies in the sector.

Women who develop with their male colleagues the next generations of green engines are also rather young: the average age is only 34 years old, and some women already occupy leadership roles. "This is the result of a fair hiring policy," says Pierpaolo Antonioli, general director of the center. Pierpaolo Antonioli think the old prejudices about women in the automotive industry belong to the past - especially at General Motors in Turin, thanks to a young managerial team.

In 2008, GM moved to settle on the campus of the prestigious "Politecnico di Torino" and became the first automaker to join a university. This has allowed GM to interest graduates of elite: about 60% of employees are graduates of the "Politecnico" university classee officially number one in Italy. The technical center was founded six years ago, but its size has more than tripled from now: 450 people work there now.

Rita Forst, who heads the technical arm of GM Europe, was one of the first directors of the center of Turin. It ensures to be proud of the way in which the site will from success to success. "It's always exciting to return to Turin, or blow tangible way the spirit of modernity and energy," she said.

The center of Turin is the place or are being developed all diesel engines intended for specific General Motors vehicles worldwide. It is also the vanguard in the realization of systems of diesel modern management and new GM technologies in hybrid.

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