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Maserati will use Chrysler mechanical

Knowing that the prestigious Italian brand Maserati is part of the Italian Fiat group and that manufacturer since last year directs the destinies of American Chrysler, it is therefore not very surprising that the engines coming from America will used to propel the future "small" Maserati.

This sedan that is currently under development, will face the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class that will be his main rival.

Thus, its dimensions would normally be around those of these cars. That is to say a length of around 4800 mm, a wheelbase of 2800 mm and a width of 1800 mm.

The great Maserati Quattroporte currently available has a length of 5050 mm, a wheelbase of 3070 mm and a width of 1900 mm.

The Pentastar engine Chrysler

From entry-level, the next Maserati sedan is powered by the new Pentastar V6 Chrysler. However, it would add a turbo so that its power can reach 400 horsepower.

In Europe, the vast majority of manufacturers offer several PROPELLED models, the choice by petrol and diesel engines. However, it appears that this car ANNOUNCED also would have a V6 diesel engine at least 300 horsepower.

A new eight-speed automatic transmission has is also in development.

In all likelihood, this "small" Maserati could be commercialized somewhere in 2013.

Maserati will use Chrysler mechanical picture #1

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