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Chevrolet Malibu 2013: It will be available on six continents

World family first Chevrolet promises to give the customer more

• New line conceived to excel in the world

• New interior has two more spacious alcove, quieter, endowed with higher quality materials and fully assembled

• Range has low consumption of 4 and 6 cylinder engines with manual transmissions or automatic petrol, diesel or LPG

• Sketching destinies suspension to obtain the best compromise between comfort / handling of the category

• Design a guarantee of good aerodynamic efficiency to reduce fuel consumption and noise

• New system of Chevrolet MyLink infotainment with online services like Pandora ® internet radio and Stitcher ® smartradio

• Provision of security adapted to each work, with 10 airbags, system alert drift / collision and reverse camera

• Launch in China in late 2011, sales in the United States beginning in 2012

The new Chevrolet Malibu has been presented in world premiere, with simultaneous presentation in the United States and China, two countries on almost 100 countries or it will be commercialized, which represent six continents. World family first Chevrolet offer its customers worldwide a personal line, advanced technology, quality of road behavior and a low consumption engines.

"The current Malibu has been crowned price. It marks the minds and changed the way people consider Chevrolet, "said Susan Docherty, vice president of sales, marketing and after-sales GMIO. "This new Malibu gets the intangible qualities of the current Malibu but gives customers even more: more style, more sobriety, more equipment, more and more quality of realization of dynamic possibilities, which allows him to compete with high performance sedans. "

Key strengths qu'affichera Malibu worldwide:

• A range of 10 4 and 6 cylinder engines sober and powerful gasoline, diesel or LPG, available with manual and automatic transmissions. A turbocharged unit will also be available on some steps

• Type Sport Behavior

• Versions driving left or right to fit in all markets

• Line expressive, sporty and dynamic appearance

• Good aerodynamics - close to the Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric - to be more sober and reduce wind noise

• New interior double alcove, brand Chevrolet, roomier, realized with quality materials and designed to be the quietest in the segment sedans intermediate

• Connecting a Chevrolet MyLink to enjoy worry-free online services like Pandora ® internet radio and Stitcher SmartRadio ® (in some countries)

• Wide range of systems and safety equipment (variable depending on the country) with 10 airbags, a steel box has ultra high elasticity, alert drift / collision, a reverse camera and parking assistance.

An expressive and efficient online

"The exterior design of the new Malibu carries the same genes as the other vehicles in the family, as the Camaro and Corvette, which brings a touch of sportsmanship in the family segment," said Bryan Nesbitt, Executive Director of Design outside of GM and Chevrolet brand ambassador.

A larger ground footprint, broad shoulders and a rear spoiler integrated give dynamism to the Malibu and give it a more aggressive appearance. The new Malibu has a shorter wheelbase of 114 mm as the model it replaces, but displays against by front and rear tracks of 1574 mm, which represents a gain of 50 mm.

Other significant design features are a dual stage Chevrolet grille, xenon headlights, larger Chevrolet logos at the front and the rear and new rear lights have LED has dual optical inspiration Camaro. The size of the wheels varies from 16 to 19 inches to match the preferences of the customer.

The line of the new Malibu has been worked for a way to be recognized by the CAS society of automotive engineers, as being one of the aerodynamic segment. The coefficient of penetration in the air (CX) should be able to approach the great value of the Chevrolet Volt, the CX is 0.280. The new form adopted by the Malibu has allowed engineers to gain 60 points of penetration in the air compared to the previous model.

A bigger and heal inside

The interior of the new Malibu has been designed to bring a touch of luxury to commute. The interior, spacious and comfortable, displays a welcoming atmosphere of the new design double alcove. The greatest width of the new Malibu can have a more spacious interior. Compared to the previous model, it gets about 113 liters of interior volume, and offers more width to the shoulders and hips.

The interior of the Malibu is adorned with metal buttons, chrome or wood LOCATED around the shift of the center console, around the counters, on the doors and steering wheel. Thames, the lighting blue glacier reflects and highlights the Elements chrome atmosphere. It provides even illumination along the instrument panel and in storage bins. The ice blue lighting of the dials on the center console, blue stitching glacier, the foamed and textured surfaces, and strategic applications of sound insulation have allowed the interior of the Malibu to make big progress.

The Malibu also has multiple storage spaces, including a radio whose facade switch: she then allowed access to a deep housing cover 15 cm behind the touch screen of 18 cm - a first on an intermediate sedan. Malibu also provide a full range of audio art systems, with screens of colors and navigation options.

Malibu will offer the new MyLink infotainment Chevrolet pack on most global markets. He takes the offer of assistance and protection OnStar, and supplemented by online services like Pandora ® internet or smartradio Stitcher ® radio. MyLink features a Bluetooth to enable hands-free use of some smartphones, which can control the operation carefully keeping the notebook range.

MyLink features a high resolution color touch screen with a menu to control the step by step functions. MyLink also has a reception of audio stream streaming and wireless control of smartphones, using the Bluetooth functionality for hands-free calling already offered on many Chevrolet.

Whatever the country, the client will have at its disposal a wide range of engines by purchasing a new Malibu. Malibu will be available with a total of ten engines, 4 or 6 cylinders. Powerful and simple, they operate a gasoline, diesel or LPG depending on the country. Malibu will be available with manual or automatic transmissions. Some steps will also be entitled to an option turbo engine. Versions driving left and right conduct are planned to meet the needs of all markets or Malibu will be sold.

Quality of behavior

The new Chevrolet Malibu has a high precision behavior. It was conceived to be the best in its class and even to get more onerous level sports. It is based on a deemed platform, which has benefited from the constant improvements. The engineers have tested, tuned and size the frame of the Malibu on rural roads, highways, national and on GM testing circuits worldwide.

Here are the elements that contribute to the quality of the Malibu chassis:

• A very rigid structure, the most rigid that exist in the family work, which helped refine the working drawings suspensions and master the dynamics of the car

• A management quality, informative, fresh and precise, offering a good balance

• The McPherson struts at the front, mounting PROVEN but still improves, and at the rear a multi-link axle

• From generous ventilated discs at the front and solid discs at the rear, greenhouses aluminum caliper has a dual piston front and single-piston at the rear; should provide all the best judgment of distances segment

• An isolated engine cradle for a good feedback from the road without noise or vibration

• An electrically assisted rack and pinion steering has variable force; consumes less energy, it facilitates maneuvers at low speed and is more consistent at higher speeds

• The frame control systems include four-channel anti-lock brakes, traction control all functions, an electronic stability control (ESC), an electronic brake distribution (EBD), an emergency braking assistance (BA), a management Cornering Brake, management of fainting brakes and torque.

The safety equipment

Regarding the safety, the new Malibu will be one of the best equipped cars in its segment. Malibu will also comply with the laws protecting pedestrians whatever the market or it will be sold.

Malibu will offer the following safety equipment in standard or optional on all markets. Other functionalities will be available on some markets, and will be announced later:

• Airbags driver and passenger dual stage

• Airbags lateral thorax / pelvis driver and passenger

• curtain airbags with rollover protection

• Helps decrease available

• Reversing Camera available

The OnStar system is also part of the security of the Malibu. It includes the automatic tripping of backup in case of an accident, as well as improved voice recognition, remote diagnostics, unlocking the doors remotely, the stop of the vehicle steals and six months for the update service and Directions Connections which includes assisted navigation.

The new Malibu will be available in several trim levels, according to the steps, ten exterior colors and four interior color schemes, depending on the model chosen.

Malibu will be built in plants in several countries, including the United States and China.

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