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A coed Montreal won the Canadian Environmental studies scholarship by excellence

Her name is Jessica Magonet

This is the first major national winner of a scholarship studies Toyota Earth Day has come from Quebec

Jessica Magonet Montreal, Quebec, is the national laureate program of studies Toyota Earth Day Scholarship in 2011. Though 35 regional winners are from Quebec, Jessica is the first major national award winner of the Environmental Studies Canadian par excellence come from this province. Jessica's achievements were celebrated today during an awards ceremony held at the Rendezvous green vehicles, presented by Toyota Canada Marie-Victorin Park Kingsey Falls, Quebec. Jessica has received a laptop and a Panasonic glass sculpture created for the occasion in addition to the price of $ 5000 it has merit as the recipient of a scholarship regional studies.

Hundreds of students from across Canada have applied for Canadian scholarship of environmental studies par excellence, and 20 recipients of scholarships regional studies Toyota Earth Day were selected by a prestigious committee of regional judges . Among this select group, we chose Jessica, a college coed of Jean-de-Brebeuf, as national winner because of the excellence she has shown in his studies as well as exceptional services rendered to the community by participating in extracurricular activities that focus on the environment.

Jessica was co-creator of a five-year plan aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of the school and also the founder of the environmental club of the same institution. She has been responsible for several successful projects, including a system of composting and recycling center harmful waste managed by students and a two-day congress or students from Quebec and Ontario discusses the links between environmental degradation and poverty in the world.

"Jessica is a wonderful example of commitment and action environment," stated Jed Goldberg, president of Earth Day Canada. "She has played a leading role in the improvement of the state of the environment, and will undoubtedly continue to be an inspiration and a force for positive change for the environment. "

Jessica is currently chairwoman of the executive committee of the Sierra Youth Coalition and actively contributes to the improvement of the environment and the education of his entourage about environmental stewardship.

"Jessica has demonstrated great dedication and leadership in the defense of the environment and we honor him for what he has already done," said Sandy Di Felice, Director at Toyota Canada Inc. "We are very pleasure to honor him by presenting him with the national award of the scholarship program of studies Toyota Earth Day, and we are confident that it will continue to share his passion for environmental stewardship and contribute to create a EcoFriendly future. "

The scholarship program of studies Toyota Earth Day was established by Earth Day Canada, with financial support from the Toyota Canada Foundation to reward and encourage environmental commitment among students. This scholarship is offered to students who complete secondary (provinces of Canada except Quebec) or CEGEP (Quebec) and who are preparing for their first year of university. In recognition of the fact that environmental challenges are increasingly being addressed by a multidisciplinary approach, the winners are selected regardless of program of study they intend to choose. In its nine years of existence, the scholarship program of studies Toyota Earth Day has granted $ 700,000 to 140 outstanding young Canadians.

On the picture accompanying this press release we find from left to right:

Julie Lafortune, Earth Day

Alain Fournier, Toyota Richmond

Jessica Magonet, National Laureate of the scholarship program of studies Toyota Earth Day 2011

Jean-Pierre Gagnon, Regional Director of Toyota Canada, Quebec Regional Office


Regional winners of the Program of Studies Scholarship Toyota Earth Day

Katherine Baba of Lincoln, New Brunswick

Katherine is an environmental leader who understands the importance of education and action. Host first young of the Oromocto River Watershed Association [Association of watersheds Oromoco river], Katherine has gained the support of the community for Extension 12 tracks of adventure in order to raise awareness of the environmental . In addition, Katherine has developed the recycling program electronic waste his school and is head of the team Envirothon.

Michael Gardiner of Torbay, Newfoundland

As champion of the international climate, Michael went to Ottawa and California to discuss climate issues with co-champions and representatives of government. He has made presentations to hundreds of students and teachers on climate change and continues its campaign by setting up of sewerage works and projecting films on the environment. Michael combines his passion for the environment has its communication capabilities to educate and inspire people to act in a positive way to the environment.

Christina Vietinghoff of New Maryland, New Brunswick

Christina has co-chaired the Steering Committee of the Agreement on Youth and was co-author of the Agreement youth on biodiversity, presented to world leaders at the 10th Conference of the Parties held in Nagoya, Japan . She also was co-author of the Agreement youth of New Brunswick on biodiversity. In addition, Christina has participated in the planting of over 600 oak has large acorns along the valley of the Saint John River, to try to restore the native tree species.

Etienne Dancosse of St-Joseph-du-Lac, Quebec

Etienne is working hard to raise awareness of environmental issues around him. As leader of the environmental committee of the school, Etienne form and supported more than 60 students volunteered to set up a recycling program and organize sanitation sessions of the court school, which has allowed 'avoid burying more than 600 kg of hazardous materials in the dump. Etienne has also created an environmental policy for his school which was accepted by the executive committee.

Yang Guo of Longueuil, Quebec

As founder of the environmental club at her school, Yang has developed several activities, including a recycling center has a school, a campaign to promote the use of reusable cups, and a day of promoting consumption local products. For Earth Day 2010, Yang had organized a sale of "smoothies" served in biodegradable cups and had organized an acoustic concert to raise funds to purchase trees and then plant them in the yard of the school. Yang was also working on an organic farm in Nicaragua where she learned the techniques of vermicomposting knowledge she now wants to apply has its Cegep to implement such a system.

Marie-Helene Lagueux-Tremblay of Quebec, Quebec

Passionate about biology and the environment, Marie-Helene is part of the Board of the Committee of wooded lorettains or she is tin to create a review of literature on the various wooded Ancienne-Lorette and Lorette River will then be used to develop activities of interpretation, information and awareness pamphlets panels. Marie-Helene also made a trip to the Brazilian Amazon to be able to reflect on environmental issues on an international scale, as a result of which she presents his discoveries was his Cegep in order to promote it a lifestyle durable.

Olivia Toussaint-Martin of Quebec, Quebec

Passionate climate change, sustainable development and human rights,

Olivia was presidente logistics committee and member of the executive committee of the Forum on Arctic Climate Change, a group that educates more than 200 participants grace climate change discussions and workshops conducted by specialists. Olivia has also been a member of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition by participating in the 16th United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Cancun, Mexico.

Ming Yi Bian of Mississauga, Ontario

As co-president of the club ecological his school, Ming Yi coordinates multiple activities, among them awareness days the environment, planting sessions in the garden of the school and the elaboration of a lesson plan practice on phantom power. Ming Yi ardently defend the environment and its work around her awareness to ecological issues.

Sarah Hennekens of Fergus, Ontario

Sarah revitalizes the environmental group of his school and leads numerous initiatives. She organizes petitions calling for a ban of plastic bags and the inclusion of the city in the green belt. She also organizes the school has its EcoExpo the Awareness Week Environment Aware Fair [Awareness Fair] and an exciting presentation to the community on his trip to the Arctic. All these activities have motivated participants to ask green actions in their own lives.

Lexi Salt of Scarborough, Ontario

Lexi is a student leader who has inspired lasting change through his school and his community. She organizes a series of projects to engage students and teachers in ecological issues of sanitation including parks actions, an Earth Week which had the theme of water, the installation of a filling station bottle has water, reduction of paper use at school, the establishment of a composting program and the completion of a classroom outdoors.

Megan Schlorff of Hanover, Ontario

Megan is an intelligent person who thinks analytically and innovative way and who is passionate about health and the environment. Megan leads a study on treatment facilities and sewage has been found that these facilities do not avoid triclosan and triclocarban, antimicrobial compounds found in products of personal hygiene every day. These compounds represent lines of defense of our immune system and, therefore, their absence may increase the incidence of allergies, eczema and dasthme. Motivated to take action, Megan drew up a statement of public interest and pamphlets to encourage people to wash their hands without the use of anti-bacterial soap. It also creates a soap tea tree oil-based glycerine which contains natural anti-bacterielles properties.

Laura Stemp of Kinburn, Ontario

Laura, founder of the Go Green club ecological his school, leads a number of initiatives including the sale of coffee grown in the shade, the days of lunches without waste, campaigns to turn off the lights and ecological knowledge by organizing two activities for Week well reussies Earth. Thanks to the efforts of the club, the school has reduced its production of waste by 25% and increases its recycling rate of 20%. Laura proved to be a positive force for ecological change his school and in his community.

Christine Durocher of Gimli, Manitoba

Christine is a dynamic leader who has realized numerous projects for a sustainable future. Christine is actively involved in the environmental club of the school. She runs the recycling program, educates his entourage pollution of rivers and participates in the organization of the Congress Youth for Lake Winnipeg. She also organizes dinner "Eating Lower on the Food Chain" [Eating in front of the food chain] in which members of the community have tasted vegetarian dishes and are informed about the ecological impact of their food choices.

Matthew Forbes of Birch River, Manitoba

Envirothon team member of his school, Matthew participated in many environmental education competition and was up at both the provincial and national level. In his community, Matthew is part of the campaign for Moose Tomorrow [Securing the future of moose] to raise awareness about the current low number of moose in the Swan Valley and intervene in favor of hunting practices. In addition, the project leads Matthew Swan River Ecological Stabilization Project in which he designed a center of interpretation to promote the appreciation and preservation of the environment.

Alec Forest of Calgary, Alberta

Alec coordinates the Youth Earth Ambassadors (YEA) program, a network that connects the various ecological clubs run by students across Calgary to exchange ideas, increase the effectiveness of their projects and share best practices. Through the work of Alec, youth of all ages have undertaken to make ecological action ecological practices through workshops outdoor GreenLife Challenge [Green Challenge] and Bike-In campaign to promote modes sustainable transport.

Charles Nokes of Lacombe, Alberta

Alec coordinates the Youth Earth Ambassadors (YEA) program, a network that connects the various ecological clubs run by students across Calgary to exchange ideas, increase the effectiveness of their projects and share best practices. Through the work of Alec, youth of all ages have undertaken to make ecological action ecological practices through workshops outdoor GreenLife Challenge [Green Challenge] and Bike-In campaign to promote modes sustainable transport.

Michael Darnel of Richmond, British Columbia

Michael is a youth representative for North America from the Program of the United Nations Environment Programme. He created digital video projects premiums to engage youth leaders and world leaders to act against climate change and leads numerous workshops to inspire decision-ecological leadership in his community.

Jonathan Harrison of West Vancouver, British Columbia

Jonathan has played a key role in the pilot program of reduction of waste premium grace his school in which more than 600 pounds of organic waste were diverted from the waste stream, leading to a reduction of waste impressive 45%. In addition to this campaign orientee to action, it raises awareness of students of elementary and secondary on the nitrogen cycle, recycling and the impact of plastics on the environment.

Olivia Mansveld of Nelson, British Columbia

Olivia combines his love for fashion and her passion for the environment to found the cooperative Art The Children of the Seams [children sewing] to promote recycling in industry and elsewhere. Under the leadership of Olivia, the group has put his talents creators in favor of organizing a fashion show inspired presented to a packed house; This parade has presented the materials transformed and the art created from reused objects ( Olivia also organizes a gathering of the entire city, a parade and a seance photo to raise awareness of climate change.

About Earth Day Canada

Simple actions, BIG impact - Earth Day Canada (EDC) is a national environmental charity founded in 1990, provides Canadians with the practical knowledge and tools they need to reduce their impact on the environment. In 2004, EDC was recognized as the best environmental education organization in North America because of its innovative programs covering the full year and its educative resources by the North American Association for Environmental Education based in Washington, the largest association of environmental educators in the world. In 2008, EDC has been called "non-profit organization exceptional" by the Canadian Network of education and communication relating to the environment. EDC regularly work in partnership with thousands of organizations in all regions of Canada.

The words "Earth Day" and the Earth Day logo are registered trademarks of Earth Day Canada (1991) Inc. Registration No. charity: 13195 1378RR0001. The use of either of these trademarks for purposes mercantile, promotional or communication without the written permission of Earth Day Canada is strictly prohibited.

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