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Chevrolet and the Indianapolis 500 fetent 100 years of passion

• Louis, Arthur and Gaston Chevrolet participates in the first 500 miles

• The Camaro SS Convertible will be 22nd Chevrolet to open this legendary race

• The new V6 turbo 2.2-liter Chevrolet committed to the IndyCar Series season

Arthur Chevrolet took part in the first round of the Indianapolis 500. Hundred years after, a Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible will open the 2011 race Indianapolis 500: The event will mark a centenary of both the manufacturer and that of the legendary race. And it will also be the beginning of the countdown for Chevrolet, whose engines are running back has Indianapolis in 2012.

"Before becoming a Chevrolet brand, Louis Chevrolet and his brothers had made a name for driving race cars," says Jim Campbell, Vice President GM Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. "After the Chevrolet company was founded, Louis and his brothers have continued to run in Indianapolis, writing the most legendary racing circuit pages. "

"These legends are heroes for the most memorable cars that have competed in the Indianapolis 500, and wins were harvested by Chevrolet," says Campbell. "With a new engine competition Chevrolet committed to the tests next year, Indianapolis Chevrolet and find the sacred that formerly animes fire. "

1911 - 1920: Louis, Arthur and Gaston Chevrolet in Indianapolis Fly

Although 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet and the Indianapolis 500, the first relations between the two date back to 1905.

In that year, Louis Chevrolet and Carl G. Fisher were left in the Midwest for doing stunts on the occasion of racing exhibitions. It was this year that the pleasure of automobile competition was to seal the fate of both men.

In 1909, Fisher began the construction of his own race track near Indianapolis, and was covering the brick track. Louis Chevrolet, for its part, became famous as a pilot crew Buick Billy Durant.

Beginning in 1911, Durant was asked to join a Chevrolet him for automotive projects, including a car which he had given the name "Chevrolet". Louis had earlier made to abandon the car design to help his brother, Arthur, prepare a Buick for the inaugural race 500 miles which was to take place on the new circuit Indianapolis speed.

May 30, 1911, Arthur Chevrolet did 30 laps on the occasion of the first event of the Indy 500, before giving a result of mechanical problems. November 3, 1911, Louis Chevrolet and Billy Durant created the Chevrolet Motor Company in Detroit.

Three years after Louis Chevrolet was sold during his participation in the company and left a Chevrolet Indianapolis continue to run with his brothers. Louis participated to the test 1915 Indianapolis, looping around a 130 km / h before giving up on engine problem. He returned to Indianapolis in 1919 with his brother Gaston, associated driving cars of their own company, Frontenac Motors Corp.. Louis finished 7th, 10th and Gaston. In 1920, Gaston won the 500 miles on a Monroe-Frontenac, becoming the first rider to win the road race who uses a set of tires.

1945 to Present: 22 Chevrolet ran 500 Miles

Carl Fisher was the opening drive of the first race of the Indy 500 - with his personal vehicle - because he thought that would be launched starting on the traditional race drivers to reach their cars. Since then, the warm-up laps before the race became a peculiarity of the Indy 500 this year, it is a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible will open the race of 500 miles. - And this is the 22nd Chevrolet to do .

"Chevrolet has taken the role of pace car for the Indianapolis 500 more than any other brand," noted Campbell. "The 2011 Camaro SS convertible is the modern interpretation of one of the most legendary cars that have never opened the Indy pace car the Camaro SS 1969 We think this is the way to celebrate the union. Chevrolet with 500 miles, while preparing us for the next 100 years to spend a Indianapolis. "

Chevrolet was the first to open Indianapolis 500, a cabriolet 1948 was driven by Wilbur Shaw, President of the Indianapolis circuit.

Ten Corvettes have played the pace car at the Indianapolis 500. The first time it was to mark the 25th anniversary of the Corvette in 1978. In that year, the Wall Street Journal triggered a veritable frenzy of purchase for the pace car replica of the official 1978 Corvette Limited Edition Pace For ensuring in the first page that it would become a collector's item which would value.

The 2011 Camaro SS will be the seventh Camaro pace car of play Indianapolis 500. The first had been opened in 1967, the year of the launch of the Camaro. Camaro was invited to take back the role of pace car in 1969. Cabriolet White SS 1969 was the pace car with its hood bomb, his bands "Hugger Orange" and inside a specific dressing has become a space as completely mythical. Today, Camaro collectors to sell the remaining copies of the 3,675 official replicas built in 1969.

The white color of Summit White Chevrolet Camaro convertible pace car for the Indianapolis 500 in 2011, with orange stripes, is a direct legacy of the 1969 pace car, while the orange leather interior is a contemporary interpretation of this color history. To allow rolling in the streets a car that has the appearance of the pace car, Chevrolet will realize 500 pace car replicas of the Chevrolet Camaro convertible 2011. They will be available from this spring.

2012: the return of the Chevrolet engine in Indy

Next to the opening of the Indianapolis 500, the name of Louis Chevrolet was also brought by multiple cars that competed in the Brickyard.

Closer to home, Chevrolet has participated in Indy-type racing, but as engine manufacturer, the periods 1986-1993 and 2002-2005. With V8, Chevrolet has won 104 races, powering six champions and winning seven victories in the Indianapolis 500.

Next year, Chevrolet will return to the Izod IndyCar Series with a new twin-turbo V6 direct-injection feeds a renewable fuel, super E85. Developed by General Motors and Ilmor Engineering, the Chevrolet IndyCar V6 will show a cylinder 2.2 liter block and aluminum cylinder heads, and will have a structural role in the frame receiving the gearbox and rear suspension.

The Chevrolet IndyCar engine will be available for all participants depending on the regulations of the series. Team Penske is the first IndyCar team to choose the Chevrolet engine for 2012. Penske's team has already won 31 awards with Chevrolet engines, including four in the Indianapolis 500.

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