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Ginetta G60: A return to the avant scene

Ginetta is a British brand founded in 1958, which had its heyday in the 60 years, especially with his model G4.

After passing through rather dark years, Ginetta involved since 2008, with cuts and very lightweight motorized Ford Europe has major endurance races such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the American Le Mans Series and some races on the territory of the Principality of Monaco.

In 2010, Ginetta has offered the small manufacturer Farbio Sports Cars today and enjoy this advantage to present us his new G60 Cup.

Farbio of a Ginetta

The cutting Ginetta 60 is actually cutting Farbio GTS400 which had become in 2010 the Ginetta F400 model. A hardcore sport coupe body has carbon fiber engine which is found in a central position.

What most distinguishes the origin of the Ginetta G60 sport coupe today, is the fact that the engineers of the brand could reduce the weight of a sport coupe up to 400 pounds. Thus, it weighs more than 1,100 pounds.

Under his very short and mostly sloping bonnet while carbon fiber tres, there is a 3.7-liter V6 engine announcing a 310 horsepower while the F400 model it replaces had a V6 engine 3 , 0 liter turbo with 416 horsepower. The Ginetta sports are cuts or not making roadsters's confidence a manual transmission. The cutting G60 is accompanied by a six-speed manual gearbox.

At first, the small manufacturer will limit the production of its model G60 has only 50 units and the price should be around 68,000 pounds, the equivalent of $ 111,000 (CDN).

Ginetta G60: A return to the avant scene picture #1

Ginetta G60: A return to the avant scene picture #2

Ginetta G60: A return to the avant scene picture #3

Ginetta G60: A return to the avant scene picture #4

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