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Chevrolet Orlando sized Plasticine Play-Doh

In London, passersby are generally accustomed to cars a bit particular and exclusive, but a very special vehicle has recently attracted attention. Or maybe it was not a car?

To support the launch of the new Chevrolet Orlando in the UK, a team of eight modelers Orlando has realized a life-size clay. They have to do this uses 1.5 tons of Plasticine Play-Doh.

The achievement was the hand of this Orlando, the new seven-seater Chevrolet family, took two weeks. The largest PIECE world Plasticine Play-Doh is 4.6 meters long and 1.8 meter high.

A survey conducted in England has designated plasticine Play-Doh as the most popular toy for child before Lego, Barbie and Scalextric.

In Belgium, dough head is in the classification of peferes toys of all time:

1. Modeling pastes, macrame

2. Lego

3. Barbie

4. Monopoly

Te 5. Not worry

6. Bruins

Pouppees 7.

8. Quartet Games

9. Rubik's Cube

10. Puzzles

Wilfried Liekens, Managing Director of Chevrolet Belgium says this astonishing project: "The new Orlando has a presence of its own on which we stop. This is a fantastic project for our English colleagues and we are confident that this will also release its surprising success at home, especially as it is made with a ton and a half of the dough most popular with children. We hope that this model will affect the child in each of the parents and will make Orlando's favorite family car. "

Chevrolet Orlando sized Plasticine Play-Doh picture #1

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