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A site to diagnose your car sound!

Some people have a real gift (and a lot of experience) to diagnose a mechanical problem just by listening to the very specific noise emitted by a particular room. For them, it means that shrill squeal the water pump is a change, and the suspect slamming your engine shows him adjusting valves.

For the vast majority of drivers, however, a different noise does not mean anything, except that it is time to bring the car to the garage. However, a website comes to your rescue: It consists of a bank of varied sounds, representing all kinds of mechanical problems. The most common are listed, simply squealing belts up to its worst: an engine without oil, ending his last breath.

And the generation smartphone, an application will be available soon! ClingClanger called, it will work the same way as GrooveShark (or SoundHound): application records the sound of your car, it will compare to its data bank and then tell you the probable cause of the sound, the gravity of the situation and the best solution (repair, towing or buying a new car).

A site to diagnose your car sound! picture #1

A site to diagnose your car sound! picture #2

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