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Toyota Canada launches challenge "Live Green"

The challenge "Live Green" (Go Green) Toyota Canada offers six ideas for small changes in lifestyle can make a big difference on Earth Day and every day

Toyota Canada launches a special challenge to followers and supporters of "Live Green". By launching this challenge during Earth Week, Toyota Canada asks you to do something to help the environment - a small gesture, repeated by many people, can accomplish great things.

A "Live Green" tab was added to the Facebook page of Toyota Canada to allow people to demonstrate how they can act for the planet. During Canadian Environment Week, at the beginning of June, Toyota Canada will announce the net result on the environment of all these actions. From April 22, Earth Day, visitors to the Facebook page of Toyota Canada will select a commitment from a list of six simple steps aimed at reducing their environmental footprint. These six movements are:

• Although inflate tires - This action allows to improve the energy efficiency of 3.3%

• Remove unnecessary items that increase the vehicle - The act of transporting 45 kg reduced the additional 2% Kilometers

• Reducing speed from 120 to 100 km / h - This will save up to 20% fuel

• Unplug appliances that are not used when they are idle, they consume up to 10% of electricity

• Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth - This will save about 18 liters of water per person per day

• Replace five incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) with the "Energy Star" - This will save about $ 30 per year

"Commit to do a small gesture can make all the difference," stated Stephen Beatty, Managing Director and Director General of the Environment for Toyota Canada Inc. "This is our way to encourage everyone in Canada to do something to improve the situation. We hope to show that even a small gesture, it is repeated by many people, can have considerable positive effects. "

The partners of Toyota Canada across the country participate in programs to make a difference, such as the days of donations to eWaste initiatives or cleaning the local valley.

For more information, visit / toyotacanada. The tab "Live Green" will be online from 22 April.

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