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2012 Chevrolet Camaro: New Edition 45th Anniversary

One equipped with a more powerful V6 new sports car, a sport suspension and new technologies

The Chevrolet Camaro, the most popular North American sports car continues its momentum by presenting the improvements for model year 2012. Among the novelties include an improved version of its 3.6L V6 engine has direct injection serial, a new FE4 performance suspension group for models SS and several improvements to the interior and technology improvements as a table edge remodeled, a new steering wheel and rear camera.

The improvements coincide with the 45th anniversary of the Camaro, which will be celebrated with the launch this summer, the special edition Camaro 45th anniversary. In the tradition of Camaro anniversary models, the 45th anniversary special edition includes all the improvements for 2012 even as exclusive stylistic elements, inside as on the outside. 

In addition, at the beginning of 2012, the Camaro ZL1 high-performance car most Technologically advanced ever developed in its segment arrives in dealerships.

3.6L V6 engine, the best in its category

The new V6 3.6 L direct injection of the Camaro - the LFX engine - goes into production this summer. He developed a power homologuee SAE 323 hp (241 kW) at 6 800 r / min - an increase of 11 hp (8 kW) over the 2011 engine - but not at the expense of fuel consumption.

The LFX engine is the most powerful engine series in the car segment common sport. It is also lighter than 9.3 kg (20.5 lb) as its predecessor, which promotes a more balanced driving experience. When the motor is coupled to the automatic transmission has six speeds in the 2LS model, the Camaro is expected to fuel consumption of 6.9 L/100 km on the highway.

Compared to the 3.6L V6 engine that models the team in 2011, the new LFX engine is distinguished by:

A new cylinder head exhaust manifold integrated.

The air intake improved and the intake valves of larger openings in the yokes.

Of intake camshafts longer duration.

A composite intake manifold.

A new fuel pump and fuel rail in isolee fuel.

New injectors flow optimized.

Structural improvements in the timing case and cylinder block.

Rods stronger and lighter.

Improvements of the bearing caps camshafts and throttle body.

Direct injection is the key technology that contributes to the combination of power and superiors energetics engine performance. It optimizes the supply of gasoline combustion chamber by injecting the fuel closer to the room. This results in more efficient combustion and therefore better fuel efficiency and, even at full throttle. The car has a new fuel pump for a new supply rail isolee fuel direct injection system even. The new fuel pump is quieter, while the feed ramp isolee reduces the system noise power.

FE4 suspension that improves the performance

The new FE4 suspension, which debuted as improvement in cutting performance Camaro SS in 2012, will provide a more refined maneuverability.

"Our goal was to create a more precise sport suspension for the SS section, allowing adherence to the upper route" precise Al Oppenheiser, chief engineer for the Camaro. "We applied lessons learned from extensive track testing to further refine the suspension geometry for a superior stability when cornering, a more neutral balance in sharp turns and understeer reduced at least to the limit. "

The EF4 group includes:

Front and rear dampers recalibrated.

New solid stabilizer bars 23 mm front and 24 mm at the rear.

Wheels 20 inch aluminum tires and P245/45R20 front and P275/40R20 in the back (SS).

More than just new components, the new FE4 performance suspension incorporates knowledge gained from the continuous development of the Camaro ZL1 high performance. The geometry of the suspension in particular has been adjusted, including reshaped stabilizer bars that are located outside of the damper supports. This results in a more effective anti-roll control and a more precise solicitations sporty driving reaction.

Nouveautes internal, external and technological

The 2012 models offer improvements in appearance, ergonomics and technology for drivers and passengers in the Camaro. Among the novelties of the interior include a new dashboard with new instruments have Elements graphics and trim, even a new steering wheel and electric adjustment of seat height front passenger. The new look steering wheel integrated ergonomic improvements that facilitate sporty driving. Bluetooth ® connectivity for cell phones is now available in models of series 2012.

Equally new Camaro in 2012, the group retrovision adds a rear camera and a mirror is auto-dimming rear parking radar of. The rear camera is used to complement the rear parking radar display in the interior mirror a video image of the area located at the rear of the car.

On the outside, the 2012 Camaro will be equipped with a series of new rear spoiler and rear lights that were part of the group RS trim, optional serial will also be offered. In addition, a new shaped antenna shark fin, the color of the body, in addition to the RS group.

The red gem is replaced by the red color crystal. 

Details of the 45th anniversary group

Launched this summer, the special 45th anniversary edition commemorates the lineage of the Camaro and its renaissance in the 21st century. Camaro lovers of Canada will take a look first anniversary on 45th special edition on the occasion of the event Go Camaro to be held from June 10 to 12 at the factory in Oshawa assembly . The birthday party will be offered on both high-end versions (2LT and 2SS) for the Camaro coupe and convertible.

The exterior of the 45th anniversary special edition is distinguished by a strip of red and silver rally which contrasts with the eclair painting metallized carbon.

The group also includes:

Exclusive decorative bands 45th anniversary hood and trunk; logos situated under the front fender emblems.

New 20-inch wheels in dark silver.

Trims fog lights and rear lights in dark silver finish.

Taillight lenses RS style.

A rear spoiler and HID headlamps intensity of series.

Roof moldings of body color.

Jet black interior trim with leather seats featuring the "45th" logo.

White trim on the dashboard and doors same as the "45th" on the dashboard logo.

Red, white and blue stitching on the seats, steering wheel, knob and gear lever gaiter, door armrests and console lid.

The "45th" on the steering wheel and sill plates doors logo.

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