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Ford Focus 2012: She mocks the wind

Aerodynamics: Ford vehicles scoff wind helping drivers to save fuel

• The aerodynamic wind tunnel tests allow engineers, designers and aerodynamics Ford optimize fuel economy.

• aerodynamics allows vehicles Ford to offer unsurpassed fuel economy of, or head of category in each segment where they compete.

• The all-new Ford Focus uses innovative active shutter grille to help him realize a fuel economy of 4.8 L/100 km on the highway by improving aerodynamics.

Of fuel savings can be achieved by reducing friction and trainee - not only in engines and gearboxes, but when the wind moves over and around the vehicle and it has effectively split the air speed cruise.

According to Derrick Kuzak, general vice president of Global Product Development, "The aerodynamic development has led to significant improvements in fuel economy in the full range of Ford vehicles. Paying any particular attention to aerodynamic details, we could achieve economies of fuel in each segment: large trucks template axes utilities on family and cars. "

The all-new Ford Explorer SUV - the North American Truck of the year 2011 - and the elegant crossover Ford Flex benefit both better fuel economy, thanks to the work carefully DETAILED designers and aerodynamic engineers who working together in the wind tunnel aerodynamic.

The Explorer offers fuel economy in mind Class 11.9 L/100 km city and 8.0 L/100 km on the highway crew of FWD V6 engine and 290 hp series.

Carefully equilibrant of aerodynamic details such as front apron, the exterior mirrors and tailgate spoiler, increases the fuel economy of nearly 1 mi / gal while Explorer has silently rolled cruising speed.

The Ford Flex crossover has the distinctive look, offers a squarish shape that attracts the attention of passersby, but it only takes 8.90 hp to maintain a cruising speed of 88 km / h (55 mi / h) . Its competitors in the segment, the GMC Acadia and Toyota Highlander require 9.30 hp to run them at the same speed. Needing less power to slice through the air, Flex reduces fuel consumption and therefore the costs of use for its owners.

Ford F Series hard drives trucks offer a fuel economy in mind the category, thanks to an eye for detail aerodynamic. F-150 trucks are characterized by a chamfered shape to the rear of the cab that helps direct aerodynamic wake effectively above the plateau. The angle of the upper part of the tailgate curve outwards to create a ledge that, in turn, plays a role in directing the flow of air above the plateau. The design of the spoiler and the lower skirt of the front bumper used to improve the delivery of air underneath the truck without compromising off-road driving has.

Cars also benefit from better aerodynamics

A flow of air optimizes over, under and around the Ford Fusion and Fusion Hybrid using these two popular sedans offer fuel economy in mind Class. Shields Revised front and rear, the deflectors to front and rear wheels, an underbody shield and a cooling air flow optimizes the engine compartment to help Fusion ride farther on a liter of fuel.

The subcompact Ford Fiesta offers a superset fuel economy (SFE) for him a consumption of only 4.9 L/100 km on the highway. This set includes the following items: cruise control; tires with low rolling resistance; several additions and improving aerodynamics of the vehicle as underbody shields, deflectors and lateral air grille shutters BELOW.

To watch a short video that explains how an aerodynamic body improves the fuel economy, while reducing wind noise, click on the following link: To see photos of the development of wind tunnel aerodynamic vehicles, click on the following link: * query? aerofe & source = FRD.

The all-new Ford Focus four door sedan also offers a set SFE, an ideal choice for customers whose priority is fuel economy. Tires with low rolling resistance, in combination with a rear spoiler and alloy wheel has AERODYNAMICS optimizes help together with the Focus SFE deliver fuel economy up to 4.8 L/100 km on the highway.

The SFE models of the Fiesta and the Focus share a very particular characteristic: they rely on aerodynamic optimizations, as well as a 6-speed automatic transmission technology gives superior fuel economy, while competitors models often require customers to choose a manual transmission to realize the economics of higher fuel.

Active grille shutters

Focus four-door sedan offers an innovative system to improve aerodynamics and fuel economy is cruising speed. The active grille shutter opens shutters system in it when you have further cool the engine, as in heavy traffic speed is reduced. On the road at constant speed, the grille shutters automatically close to improve both aerodynamics and fuel economy.

In the future, this grille shutter technology will be applied to other Ford brands.

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