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Tata Indica Vista EV: Produced in the UK

At the press day of the 2009 edition of the Motor Show of Montreal, the president of Hydro Quebec, Thierry Vandal, then unveiled the agreement was signed with the Indian giant Tata to supply a new generation of electric motors produced by the subsidiary TM4 Hydro-Quebec.

Since then, no new or substantially all of the results obtained by this agreement that was thought promising.

However, always the Motor Show in Montreal, Hydro-Quebec always take the opportunity to present our agreements with manufacturers Mitsubishi, Toyota and Nissan plan to evaluate the pros and cons of driving a move car powered entirely electric or plug-in hybrid. But nothing regarding Tata Indica Vista EV his model.

It is found in England

After his tour of Car Shows Asian countries, the Tata Indica Vista EV little is preparing to go into "production" mode. The choice of location is Coventry in England. This decision was confirmed during the holding of the last Motor Show in Geneva, at the beginning of March.

It is expected assemble of the first year, 1,500 copies of the small electric car, in its infancy, will be stuff for commercial markets and business car rental.

Faithful to the battery "Super Polymer"

In all likelihood, the electric motor of the Tata Indica Vista EV should have a power of 55 kW (75 hp), all accompanied by a lithium-ion "Super-Polymer" so dear to quebecois engineers TM4 .

According to the figures set forth by the manufacturer, it is capable of:

Acceleration from 0 to 60 km / h 9 seconds

Maximum speed: 114 km / h

Autonomy: 160 km

The start of production of the all electric version of the Tata Indica Vista will begin this month in England and starting the earth, should begin in the summer.

Tata Indica Vista EV: Produced in the UK picture #1

Tata Indica Vista EV: Produced in the UK picture #2

Tata Indica Vista EV: Produced in the UK picture #3

Tata Indica Vista EV: Produced in the UK picture #4

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