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The Ram truck is the most accessorized vehicle Chrysler Canada

• Mopar offers more than 9,000 accessories

• Ram trucks are the most accessorized vehicles in Canada, followed by Dodge Challenger

• The owners of Ram trucks usually are spending $ 1,500 to accessorize their trucks

Buyers are spending more and more to personalize their vehicles. On average, Canadian consumers are spending $ 600 to add accessories to their vehicles Mopar Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep ® and Ram - even before leaving the dealership.

"With 16 new vehicles, Chrysler Canada offers the most updated range in the industry," said Jim Kiritsis, Head of Mopar division of Chrysler Canada. "Mopar offers more than 9000 reliable quality accessories that allow consumers to customize their vehicles at infinity. "

Ram trucks are vehicles that accessorizes the most in Canada, followed by the Dodge Challenger. On average, owners of Ram trucks usually are spending more than $ 1,500 in Mopar accessories.

The passionate Ram trucks who want to give a Mopar key to their trucks to choose from over 300 accessories. The most recent additions to the range include Ram Truck Ram Tradesman and Adventurer models, opening the door to even more possibilities for customization with Mopar accessories. The Ram Tradesman is a Ram 1500 regular cab propelled by a HEMI ® engine; it pleases to the buyer of a new vehicle that research skills and performance at an affordable price. This truck is specifically built to meet the demanding needs of small businesses, construction sites and parks vehicles. In addition to the Ram Tradesman, Ram also launch the Adventurer. The Adventurer offer the performance of a HEMI engine and a monochromatic look sporty embellished with 20-inch wheels to attract a younger clientele and buyers of a first vehicle. Both vehicles will be available with effect from the second quarter of this year.

The five Mopar Accessories for Ram trucks the most popular:

. 1 lateral tubular assist steps: Tubular Side Steps oval Mopar are heavy-duty and built to last; these footsteps upper class of 127 mm (5 inches) are available with a chrome or black finish, depending on vehicle. They are equipped with a non-slip surface to facilitate the entry and exit of the vehicle. (MSRP ranging from $ 458 to $ 994 on the piece and vehicle model)

2 Set Locking wheel nuts e.? Lockable wheel nuts are available for most models and include an exclusive key ENCODED providing maximum security. Delivered in style in one room or two rooms, the kits include four or five chrome locking nuts and exclusive Mopar key. This set provides protection against theft of wheels and tires without compromising the balance wheel. (The part number varies by model, MSRP $ 48.60)

. 3 Mouse protege-pants: These adjusted carpets have deep grooves that prevent water, snow and mud from damaging the carpet of the vehicle. The carpets are available for front and / or rear depending on the model of the vehicle. (MSRP ranging from $ 78.60 to $ 92.85 depending on the model)

4 Liners Mopar crate. Nonslip the ribbed surface of the bed liner prevents the load from shifting and facilitates the flow. Mopar bed liners are molded and made with a blend of high density polyethylene in providing better durability. A protege tailgate is also included. Also available for Ram 1500 equipped with the system storage RamBoxMD. (MSRP ranging from $ 315 to $ 488 depending on the piece and vehicle model)

Cache cash Mopar fiberglass 5. Painted and designed to custom fit the style of your truck. Its durable construction features a double wall inner lining and outer lining to prevent splitting. Be raised with the help of two gas shocks and includes a locking device integrated and safely. (MSRP ranging from $ 1,395 to $ 1,510 depending on the piece and vehicle model)

Innovations Mopar

Mopar has launched several industry firsts, including:

• Caravan: First off road caravans;

• Applications (Apps) for information about the vehicle's smart phones: the first to offer information on vehicle applications for smart phones, a new tool of communication with the customers;

• Guides motorist electronic: first to offer the guides traditional motorist on DVD and user guide summary screen;

• Electronic System location of vehicle: first to offer a new electronic system for locating vehicle that sends a text message to the owner if the vehicle is driven at excessive speed or a distance too within established parameters;

• Set Challenger Drag Pak 2011: first to offer a set of V10 acceleration of over 500 cu race;

• WiFi: first to offer consumers the opportunity to transform their vehicle into wireless access point (hot spot);

• WiTech: first to offer a network of dedicated tools without wire and support the vehicle diagnostic and updates optimized software for personal computers series.

About Mopar

Mopar is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC for service, parts and customer satisfaction.

Mopar distributes approximately 280,000 parts and accessories in more than 90 countries and provides all the original equipment vehicles for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram. The Mopar parts are unique because they are designed and tested with the same teams who design the features authorized by the manufacturer for the vehicles Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram - a direct connection that no other manufacturer of aftermarket parts can offer. You can get a detailed list of accessories and spare Mopar performance address.

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