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Communauto will enrich 50 Nissan LEAF

This is part of a day-conferences organized by Team Infopresse under theme "Marketing and Sustainability ', a source of innovation and creativity, Nissan and Communauto have formalized their agreement whereby the manufacturer will offer a Montreal-based 50 cars LEAF electric propulsion.

For the occasion Ian Forsyth, director of corporate planning and business strategy of Nissan Canada and Marco Viviani, director of development and public relations Communauto have presented their arguments on different issues and even different marketing approaches to succeed to join this new clientele that looks and can be already considered as "ecoconsommateurs."

For its part, Ian Forsyth is not to extol the gene qualities of his car while LEAF Marco Viviani seemed very proud to offer its members, extremely environmentally friendly cars that can be used all specially in urban circuits. Besides the latter, the fact deliver 50 cars LEAF Communauto is part of the new marketing approaches from the manufacturer Nissan.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF is a compact hatchback car five-door kind of similar dimensions to those of the Toyota Prius hybrid, except that the Nissan car is fully propelled by electricity.

Its electric motor together with its lithium-ion have a total power which is around 110 horses.

The LEAF has a range that can reach a rigorous 160 km. You can even recharge the battery to 80% in just 30 minutes via a specially conceived for this purpose terminal. The top speed is rated at 140 km / h.

Hydro and charging stations

In this agreement, there will also be providing a fifty charging stations of Hydro-Quebec part.

If all goes as planned, the charging stations will have to be installed by July as the First deliveries of Nissan LEAF Communauto are planned for the month of July.

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