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Nissan begins construction of its battery plant in Portugal

The batteries made at this factory equip the european electric vehicles from the Alliance.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.., Has just begun the construction of an ultra-modern factory in Cacia, Portugal, factory that will manufacture lithium-ion batteries needed to deployment in Europe of electric vehicles developed by the Alliance Renault-Nissan.

This battery plant - which need an investment of 156 million euros - takes place on a plot of 30,450 m2 owned factory gearboxes Renault CACIA. Endowed with a total annual capacity of 50,000 units, it shall come according to December 2012, creating about 200 jobs by the same.

"Cacia is part of a group of three European plants that will provide the necessary batteries for electric vehicles of the Alliance, the first being the Nissan LEAF. Together, these three plants will enable the Alliance to commercialize electric vehicles to a scale unprecedented in Europe, taking a further step towards a more responsible mobility, "stated Toshiyuki Shiga, Nissan's Chief Operating Officer, at the laying of the first stone of this plant.

Last April, Nissan had started the construction of a battery plant in Sunderland, England, who will produce its first debut in 2012 copies and will have an annual capacity of 60,000 units. As for the battery factory Renault Flins in France, it will have a production capacity of 100,000 units per year.

"The inauguration of the Cacia battery plant is another concrete step in the revolution of electric mobility promoted by the Alliance" has said Philippe Klein, Renault's Executive Vice President of Corporate Planning, Product Planning and Programs. "The plant will supply batteries for one of the four electric vehicles Renault ZE range, Fluence ZE, whose launch is planned in autumn 2011."

The land adjoining the mill gearboxes Renault Cacia, a 244 km north of Lisbon, was chosen because of its proximity to road links, rail, maritime and aerial. In addition, the project was supported by the Portuguese government who shares the Alliance's vision of a future zero emission mobility.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance aims to be a global leader in zero emission mobility. For 2015, it will be able to produce 500,000 electric vehicles and batteries in its spread over the entire planet plants, which will make the Alliance the only global automotive group capable of manufacturing electric vehicles and batteries has such a scale.

The Alliance has not hesitated to adopt a holistic approach to marketing in large series of electric vehicles, considering both the product and all associated infrastructure. To date, Renault and Nissan have entered into more than 90 partnerships with governments, local authorities and organizations worldwide to implement the infrastructure and support necessary to the success of the implementation of such vehicles.

In 2008, Portugal became the first partner of the Alliance in Europe for zero emission mobility. The country is taking on a vast network of charging stations and should have been the neighbor of 1350 with 50 stations with fast chargers.

Recall that Nissan book last December nine Nissan LEAF electric mobility consortium of Portuguese MOBI.E and the government of the country, it just before the First customer deliveries of the car in Europe.

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