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Mazda MX-5 Ice Race 2011 in Sweden

The MX-5 roadster Mazda has again demonstrated yesterday that he was a true sports car, this time on the Swedish ice during the Mazda Ice Race 2011 All conditions -. Polar cold blue sky - were together to deliver a stunning show drift pitting drivers from 26 different nations competing for a place on the podium at the wheel of their specially modified roadster.

1st day

Insolent Australians facilitates

At the end of workouts and qualification Tuesday, a favorite of the lot clearly emerge, namely the Australian team that has dominated from start to finish this first day and clinched the pole position. Its drivers have also captured the heart of the public by wearing swimsuits over their racing suit - just to remind that this is currently the summer in Australia - and driving with their mascot, a small kangaroo, hangs the top of the cage safety of their car. They flew the first day, just before pushing the onslaught of the Russian team that took second place on the starting grid.

2nd day

The heroic Russians and Belgians exemplary regularity

The day of the race, he reigned a beautiful blue sky, the snow was shining and the morning temperature -31? C. In other words, conditions were absolutely ideales on the ice of Lake Kallsjon, located in the region of Ostersund in central-western Sweden. The race itself was held over two rounds, a period of two hours each car completing the most laps being declared the winner. As for the MX-5 Open Race which took place last year in Italy, it is the control of drift, not pure speed, which proves the determining factor in this race. Australians continue to fly the debates as they had done during the first day and have remained in mind of the race almost from start to finish. Until they make the fatal error, a slight skid, and the Russians manage to exceed the final and stay ahead until the arrival; Australians ranking then has the second place.

The Russian team has won a hard-fought victory after heroic will be displayed. They started the race on the second place, but after a skid in the beginning of the race, they fell to the 14th spot, and have to fight hard to trace in the second position at the end of the first round. While retaining their place, they waited patiently for their time, and took advantage of the misfortune of the Australian team in the final of the last inning to win a fabulous victory. Belgian pilots have shown, for their part, an exemplary regularity driving their car, which is nothing surprising from the last winners of the MX-5 Open Race. They are in effect returns the depths of the standings to finish finally the third place.

Team French stood out with one of the most beautiful ski lift during the race. Embedded in an MX-5 pattern adorns polar bear showing teeth, french parties in 14th position on the starting line has finished 7th honorable place.

The highlight of this memorable day was when the three teams were victorious saber champagne on the podium.

Mazda Ice Race 2011 ended the same evening by a gala dinner and give a show in honor of the drivers, teams and prompts that had clinched their ticket to the race after having participated in a contest in their Mazda respective countries. Jeff Guyton, President and CEO of Mazda Motor Europe, delivers a short speech and presented the trophies to the winners, tired but happy. This ceremony was followed by dinner and a celebration of the highlights of the MX-5 Ice Race that are protracted till late at night.

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