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Chevrolet Camaro SS convertible: Car driver to Indianapolis 500

• The new convertible Camaro SS white with orange stripes and orange leather interior evokes the pilot car (pace car) 1969 Camaro

• One of 50 official cars will be drawn at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, the benefit of a charitable organization, January 22

• 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet and the Indianapolis 500

A special edition Camaro Convertible Chevrolet will be the official driver of the Indianapolis 500 in 2011. Leaders Chevrolet and Indianapolis Motor Speedway car made the announcement at the auction Car Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale . One of the bidders will have the opportunity to purchase the first of 50 official cars of the Indianapolis 500.

2011 Camaro Convertible is the 22nd chosen car for the Indianapolis 500 ("Greatest Spectacle In Racing ®") and Chevrolet Camaro seventh in league history. Moreover, what makes the event even more exciting is that the year 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of the first race of the Indianapolis 500 and the Chevrolet Centennial.

Chevrolet will pay the totality of the money raised was auctioned at the David Foster Foundation, a charity supporting families with children must undergo transplantation an essential element to life. David Foster, who has won 15 Grammy categories in producer and composer, founded the organization in his native Canada.

The car driver and other official cars appear white top and the lateral stripes and graphics on the doors orange outer color. The cockpit is equipped with orange leather trim including headrests embossed seats before displaying the "Indy 500" logo and door panels and trim white table edge. Trim dashboard feature an extension of External orange bands.

The color combination is similar to the design adopted for the pilot Camaro featured at 500 000 1969 - replicas that are now among the Camaro the most popular with the collectors in the world.

"It's an honor for Chevrolet to provide the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500, especially during this year of celebration at Chevrolet Pace Car", has said Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet marketing. It is also a unique opportunity for us to continue the strong momentum of Camaro while supporting a charity. "

"The Chevrolet Indianapolis circuit are long associated with each other, first because of the involvement of Arthur, Louis and Gaston Chevrolet as competitors in the Indianapolis 500, has said Jeff Belskus , President and CEO of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Everything happens hath for the 100th anniversary of the two brands, which allows us to strengthen our relationship through the pilot car of this year that, according to some, has a pilot car has the most popular look similar in league history, the 1969 Camaro. We look forward to seeing this car jump on the track, in front of the 33 best drivers in the world on May 29. "

Details of the pilot car

Team V8 engine 400 hp (298 kW) and has a 6-speed automatic transmission, the current model does not require any modification to accomplish its mission on track.

All 50 official cars are convertibles teams of SS 2SS equipment group proposing the following series:

• Power has four-wheel disc with four-piston Brembo calipers

• Electronic Control system StabiliTrak stability

• Sport Mode enhancing performance on track

• Launch Control (with manual gearbox) optimizing departures and sudden accelerations for more responsive performance and more uniform

• 20-inch wheels in polished aluminum with performance tires

• Viewing head high

• Center console with auxiliary group of instruments

In addition to the equipment of the group of options 2SS cars are equipped RS group including intensity discharge headlamps and rear lights high exclusive.

Refinement of convertible

The Camaro convertible offers clean driving features a cut and intense driving pleasure in the open air. The convertible model has an improved structure conceived to eliminate the inherent compromise to convertibles, especially the higher amount of dither windshield and steering wheel. The objective was to design a convertible with the characteristics of a line cut. All the elements of the powertrain and suspension of existing cutting Camaro were adopted and remained unchanged for the convertible model. Adjusted soft top is covered with acoustic foam to flag for a quiet ride.

Four devices improve strategic capacity already generous rigidity of the vehicle to eliminate the vibrations of the amount of windshield and steering wheel, which are common in a convertible. Include:

• A reinforcement between the turrets mounted under the hood

• A support building the gearbox

• A carrier underbody

• Supports underbody V at the back

The hood has electric control retracts in about 20 seconds. It was made in partnership with the same manufacturer of the hood of the Corvette and works similar way. It folds in a Z shape and locks in place with one convenient lever located in the center on the upper amount of the windshield. Other convertible models in the category still offer a double locking mechanism, which forces the driver to use both hands.

Versions of the regular production of the 2011 Camaro Convertible will be delivered to Chevrolet dealers in February, marking the revival of Camaro for the 21st century. Even before the launch of the convertible version, Camaro ended 2010 as the year's best-selling vehicle in its category in the United States, the most since 1985.

The tradition of Chevrolet car as driver

Louis Chevrolet, who founded the brand with William "Billy" Durant in 1911, was pilot, mechanic and pioneering engineer. He took part in the Indianapolis 500 from the beginning, also in 1911, and attended as an official at the event for many years after his retirement from the race. Among others, he took the wheel of the car driver who was conceived by Carl Fisher, founder of the Indy 500, which was of the opinion that depart smoothly was preferable to a strong start. The driver of the first car race of the Indianapolis 500 was conducted by Fisher.

The first Chevrolet selected as a pilot car car Indianapolis 500 was the Fleetmaster Six 1948. The brand has been chosen more than any other manufacturer to launch the departure of the race. Here is the list of drivers cars Chevrolet:

• Six Fleetmaster 1948

• 1955 Bel Air

• 1967 Camaro

• 1969 Camaro

• 1978 Corvette

• 1982 Camaro

• 1986 Corvette

• 1990 Beretta

• Camaro 1993

• 1995 Corvette

• 1998 Corvette

• Monte Carlo 1999

• 2002 Corvette

• SSR 2003

• 2004 Corvette

• 2005 Corvette

• 2006 Corvette

• 2007 Corvette

• 2008 Corvette

• 2009 Camaro

• 2010 Camaro

• 2011 Camaro

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