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Toyota Canada recalling about 11,700 Lexus vehicles

Toyota Canada Inc., today announced a voluntary safety recall of approximately 11,700 vehicles Lexus GS 300/350 2006 2007 Lexus IS 250 2009 and early 2006 Lexus IS 350 2006 2008 debut sold in Canada to inspect the installation of their fuel pressure sensor.

Due to insufficient tightening of the pressure sensor connected to certain fuel pipes of the engine, there is a possibility that the pressure sensor loosens over time. If the sensor is loose, fuel may leak around a seal up the connection between the sensor and the fuel line and then escape through the threaded portion of the sensor.

Lexus dealers will inspect each vehicle key is finding a fuel leak; if no leak is discovery, they will tighten the sensor to the specified torque. If a fuel leak is found, the dealer will replace the gasket placed between the sensor and the pipe and tighten the sensor to the specified torque. The inspection and possible replacement of the seal will be effected without charge to the owner of the vehicle.

This recall does not affect any other vehicle Toyota, Lexus or Scion.

The owners of the vehicles keys will be notified of the recall by first class mail in February.

If a customer desires of clarifications, it can communicate with the Lexus dealership its locality, consult or call Lexus Canada at 1-800-265-3987.

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