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Ford unveiled its plan to the electric vehicles

• Ford showcases three new electric models as part of a strategy focused on customer choice and led by the all-new Focus Electric, which will debut in North America in late 2011.

• Ford will launch the Ford C-MAX Energi, its first plug-in hybrid vehicle production, and the C-MAX Hybrid in North America in 2012 and Europe in 2013. Both models use the hybrid system architecture division of power welcome by critics and the system of lithium-ion technology. The C-MAX Energi will offer better fuel economy to maintain its load as the Chevrolet Volt.

• The Ford electrified vehicles are just one element of its overall commitment to provide to millions of customers optimum fuel economy and affordable for all vehicles.

• Ford is on track to launch five new electrified vehicles in North America by 2012 and Europe by 2013. Ease of use and experience of engaging owner are key elements of this strategy.

Building a greater choice for customers will be the norm at the dawn of a new era of automotive electrification, Ford launches a trio of electric vehicles, including the all-new Focus Electric, its first electric sedan.

The beginning of the C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid international Auto Show North American 2011, immediately after that of the all-new Focus Electric, placing on the portfolio of electrified vehicles Ford. The company thus provides a greater choice to its customers, while continuing to support its strategy of high durability.

Focus entirely electric, using no fuel, will be officially launched in North America in late 2011 and in Europe in 2012.

The C-MAX Energi, its first plug-in hybrid vehicle production, will arrive on the market in early 2012 for a standard vehicle technology and has zero emission partially (AT-PZEV). The C-MAX Hybrid is a fully hybrid version of its next generation multifunction vehicle for five occupants. 

The new generation electrified vehicles launching new features and technologies - led by a special version of the MyFord Touch ™ technology connectivity particularly for the electric vehicles; a new system recharge value added by Microsoft and supplies in North America, MyFord Mobile, a smartphone application that helps owners of rechargeable vehicles to interact with their vehicles remotely.

According to Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of the Board, Ford Motor Company: "By providing a variety of electrified vehicles, it will be easier for our customers to adopt this fuel economy technology. This strategy not only respects our tradition of delivering innovative technologies to the greatest possible number of people, but also our vision to develop excellent products, create a robust business and contribute to a better world. "

The electric trio of Ford

The three new electrified vehicles Ford rely on the experience of the company as the largest producer of electrified vehicles in North America, thanks to its hybrid 140,000 vehicles on the road today:

• Focus Electric - based on the new Focus fuel, electric Focus will provide enough autonomy to answer the needs of most everyday driving and autonomy (miles per gallon equivalent) superior to the Chevrolet Volt and will also competitive with other fully electric vehicles. It can be recharged two times faster than the Nissan Leaf.

• C-MAX Energi - Base on the new multipurpose vehicle Ford C-MAX five-passenger C-MAX Energi is a range of 500 miles using the battery and gasoline engine. It offers better fuel economy to maintain its charge as the Chevrolet Volt.

• C-MAX Hybrid - The fully hybrid version of the C-MAX aims to offer better fuel economy than the Fusion Hybrid, the most fuel-efficient sedan in North America. It also relies on the Ford hybrid system architecture division of power, while using a system of batteries smaller and lighter lithium-ion battery.

These three new models build on the global "C" platform and Ford will be built next to the new Ford Focus assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan, or production will be partially fed by one of the most important central solar energy in the state.

Ford will build the new C-MAX Energi models and hybrid for the European markets has its plant in Valencia, Spain, as it had already announced.

Ford launching five new electric and hybrid vehicles began last December with the first deliveries of its 2011 Ford Transit Connect Electric - a small commercial van built in collaboration with Azure Dynamics company. Ford will complete its range of new electrified vehicles in North America in 2012 and Europe in 2013 with another hybrid vehicle next generation who will be appointed later.

According to Sherif Marakby, director of electrification programs and engineering at Ford, "Ford continues at full capacity its goal of providing a full range of electrified vehicles is both exciting and efficient. The electric Focus, C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid demonstrate Ford's commitment to offer significant gains in fuel economy and a reduction in CO2 emissions to meet the functional needs of our clients, and this without compromising driving pleasure. "

Tried and true performance

Hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid and fully electric Ford next generation will build on the success that the company knows with its Fusion Hybrid and Escape Hybrid - the most fuel-efficient respectively intermediate sedan and most fuel-efficient SUV in North America. In addition, the Hybrid 2011 Lincoln MKZ is added to the range last fall to become the luxury car more energy efficient in North America. In total, to date, Ford has more than 140,000 hybrid vehicles on the road.

According to Derrick Kuzak, general vice president of Global Product Development: "One technology is not suitable for all customers - hybrids, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and fully each offer distinctly different advantages. By leveraging our global platforms, we can offer our customers more choices of electrified vehicles within a range of energy efficient products. "

Ford developed its electric vehicles to provide outstanding fuel economy without reducing the driving pleasure. A regenerative braking energy efficient, good accelerations, a comfortable interior and smart driver information for characteristics have enabled the 2010 Fusion Hybrid being named "Car of the Year ®" by MOTOR TREND magazine and has deserved a place on several lists of the best ecological vehicles.

"More than any other vehicle on the market, the Focus Electric loses none of driving dynamics and quality compared to conventional vehicles," says a Marakby. "It shares many of the same elements as the high quality models petrol and diesel, while offering excellent fuel economy and driving fun without compromise. "

The advantage of lithium-ion

Focus and upcoming hybrid and hybrid vehicles will use rechargeable systems lithium-ion technology. Each system is ingeniously designed to maximize the use of common items of high quality, such as hardware control panel that offers a proven track record operating in hybrid vehicles Ford greet by critics.

Battery packs Lithium-ion batteries offer a number of advantages over the nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH), which supply hybrid vehicles today. In general, they are 25 to 30 percent smaller and 50 percent more arms; they are easier to install in a vehicle. In addition, they can be adjusted to increase the power, and therefore the acceleration or to increase energy to ensure greater autonomy.

Prospective buyers of the Focus Electric will recharge the battery pack lithium ion their vehicle was using the charging station 240 volts wall mounting recommended, sold separately, or practice cord 120V series offered. Focus Electric customers probably recharge their fuel-efficient vehicle every day.

Daily charging is recommended for C-MAX Energi to optimize the use of electric driving mode. However, it is not necessary for the operation of the vehicle. Thanks to the effectiveness of its system of batteries, plug-in hybrid can be recharged easily and completely, overnight, using a household outlet. The C-MAX Hybrid requires no charging.

Effective recharge

The owners of the new Focus Electric and C-MAX Energi again benefit from certain advantages to recharge their vehicles.

The Focus Electric will recharge fully between three and four hours at home, thanks to its charging station 240 volts - or half the time required for the Nissan Leaf. Once fully charged, the electric Focus will provide enough autonomy to answer the most daily driving needs of most owners. The Focus Electric will offer a range (miles per gallon equivalent) superior to the Chevrolet Volt and will also be fully competitive with other electric vehicles.

The C-MAX Energi provides better fuel economy to maintain its load as the Chevrolet Volt. In general, the C-MAX Energi will offer a range of over 500 miles (800 kilometers) using the batteries and engine - more than any other rechargeable vehicle or prolonged independence. Charging their plug-in hybrid vehicle, customers can greatly increase their driving range in fully electric mode, while reducing considerably the use of a gasoline engine.

When the cord is plugged into the charging of the electric Focus and C-MAX Energi, which is located between the driver's door and front wheel well, it activates a light ring that runs twice the circumference of the terminal to indicate the connectivity. The light ring then illuminates in quadrants as and as the vehicle charges. Flashing quadrants represent the progress of the load, while remaining quadrants kindles indicate the steps are completed charging. When the entire ring stays on the vehicle is fully loaded.

A dashboard smarter - MyFord Touch for electric vehicles

The electric Focus and C-MAX Energi also offer a suite of intelligent information systems for the driver - taken by one special version of the MyFord Touch connectivity technology - conceived to help optimize fuel economy, extend the autonomy in electric mode, plan the most efficient and manage the process of battery charging path. It is a key element of the Ford strategy to optimize the experience of electrified vehicle owners.

The C-MAX Hybrid will also focus on some of these same technologies to help drivers to travel more miles to the gallon.

In hybrid next generation Ford, the MyFord Touch system was improved thanks to thoughtful features designed specifically to electric vehicles. Its digital dashboard has dual display can be configured by the driver to indicate different levels of information, including fuel level and battery charge, the same as the average fuel consumption and instantaneous miles per gallon.

The new characteristic MyView dashboard allows drivers to get even more data on the vehicle, the electric demand of the vehicle accessories such as air conditioning, which can affect the fuel economy and autonomy electric mode the electric Focus and C-MAX Energi.

The owners of Focus Electric will have access to basic data, such as the state of battery charge, the distance go before recharging, the autonomy and the corresponding margin of planned budget autonomy. These data are highly visible on both screens a color LCD 4.2-inch mounted on either side of the speedometer in the center of the dashboard. It offers unparalleled customization possibilities.

In the next generation of Ford hybrids, as in its current hybrids, the efficiency of fuel consumption in the long run can be displayed in two ways - either as a traditional chart or an innovative display that shows leaves and vines that grow from the right side of the dashboard. More conductive leads effectively, there will be more leaves and vines, a result that gives a visual reward for the driver.

Similarly, the display panel of the Focus Electric uses blue butterflies to represent the additional autonomy beyond the point of recharge destination; therefore, there is more of butterflies, there is more autonomy. Ford designers are inspired by the phenomenon of the butterfly effect or a small change, like choosing to drive an electric vehicle, can have an enormous impact.

After each trip, the MyFord Touch screens the electric Focus come alive to inform the driver of the amount of fuel saved, recovered energy by the brake system and the level of charge remaining.

By remote

On the outside of the vehicle, North American owners of Focus Electric and C-MAX Energi will always remain in contact with the vehicle, wherever they have access to mobile telephony service or the Internet, thanks to the MyFord Mobile app CREATED BY Ford.

Thanks to a smart phone application or a secure Ford website, MyFord Mobile enables customers to: instantly receive information on the state of the vehicle; perform key functions remotely; monitor the state of charge and current autonomy of the vehicle; be notified when the vehicle must be recharged; programmed remotely load the settings; and download the data from the vehicle for purposes of analysis.

The characteristic also allows the owner to program the vehicle to use electricity from the grid to heat up or cool the batteries or the passenger being in business. Thus, during the hot months of summer, the owners can preprogram the vehicle to charge fully overnight and cooled to a given temperature at some time in the morning. Users can also locate their vehicle via GPS and also start, lock and unlock the vehicle remotely.

A new system recharge value added feeds by Microsoft allows Ford customers to reduce their electricity bill by taking advantage of off-peak period rates or other favorable rates offered by their provider without a complicated setup process.

This system is a new feature offered exclusively by Ford.

According to Mr. Marakby "Life with rechargeable vehicles offer huge opportunities. This is a new frontier for the automotive industry and its customers. However, the marketing of rechargeable vehicles may not be the only automotive industry. Will require collaboration and systemic solutions on a large scale. That's why Ford is working closely with its technology partners, utilities and government agencies. By working together, we can ensure a smooth transition towards a more ecological future. "

Investing today in tomorrow's technologies

Ford's commitment to the electrification extends the development of products to the level of production plants. The company has invested about a billion dollars to transform its assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan, to build all new models Focus, Focus Electric, C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid.

Ford is working with Detroit Edison, Xtreme Power and the state of Michigan to establish one of the largest solar power plants in the state has the Ford plant. The renewable energy captured by the primary system of solar energy project will help to fuel the production of vehicles.

The company has also decided to make the design and development of systems has internal batteries, relocating production of battery packs its next generation hybrid from Mexico to Michigan. Ford will produce its hybrid boxes bridges is headquartered gearboxes Van Dyke Sterling Heights, Michigan, in 2012.

Kuzak concludes: "The overall investment underscores our commitment to develop essential skills, reclassify our labor of work of production and engineering and attract new talent to the automotive industry to offer a full range of vehicles? electrified customers. As customers adopt more fuel-efficient vehicles, we will be offering them more products they really want. "

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