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Ford C-Max 2012: In Europe it is called Grand C-Max

On different markets european, Ford Europe offers two versions of its C-Max compact minivan. That is to say, five-seat version known as c-Max and Grand C-declination that Max can accommodate up to seven passengers.

For North American markets we obviously right of the Grand C-Max version of seven passengers.

For the occasion, the Grand C-Max will be renamed European C-Max on our walks. It will thus make the fight against Mazda5 and Kia Rondo.

Here is the statement issued by Ford for this purpose:



• Ford will launch its all-new C-MAX 7 places in North America in late 2011, which will fill an unoccupied niche.

• launched today at the motor show in Frankfurt, the new C-MAX adds a so-called "kinetic" design the compact segment by combining bold lines and a spacious and versatile 7-seat configuration.

• The C-MAX is the first of a new generation of global cars "C" will be launched over the next year segment. The range will also include the next generation Ford Focus.

• The new architecture "C" pillar serve more than 2 million vehicles per year on a global scale, offering scale economies and other benefits for customers.

DEARBORN, Mich., Sept. 15, 2009 - The Ford Motor Company has confirmed that the new C-MAX has 7 seats, launched today at the motor show in Frankfurt, arrives in North America in late 2011. North America, this car will be one of 10 individual models created by society from the new global platform "C" development according to its One Ford strategy.

The launch of the all-new Ford Focus next generation in versions 4 and 5 doors, is planned towards the end of the calendar year 2010 in Canada and the United States. Thanks to the launch of the C-MAX 7 places towards the end of 2011, Ford will have its North American customers three distinct models in the important compact segment vehicles which, according to Ford, will continue to increase over the next years.

According to Derrick Kuzak, general vice president of Global Product Development: "Consumers are seeking uncompromised vehicles offering good value for money and equipment C-MAX achieved these targets spot on. Focus C-MAX will have both very attractive, very comfortable and very pleasant to drive. DNA Ford will then appear in a new market segment as a vehicle both more efficient and aspirational. "

From elegant lines enhance the entire segment

The new Ford Focus C-MAX demonstrates that compact vehicle has 7 seats can be both elegant and desirable, while offering plenty of space and functionality. According to Mark Fields, Ford president of America: "The C-MAX adds the segment more emotive, dynamic design while providing an excellent driving experience. Consumers will be attracted to the C-MAX for its appearance and driving dynamics, not only for its practical and versatile side - and this is what will allow us to target a whole new group of customers. "

Thanks to the more recent evolution of his aesthetic language called "kinetic" Ford has created bold designs both outside and inside their vehicles. So Ford put on the thematic established at its recent product launches, as his very successful models Fiesta, Kuga and Mondeo developed in Europe. Among the kinetic elements applied to the new C-MAX, there are: a dynamic beltline UNCOVERED fully sculptured surfaces, bold wheel arches, strong athletic shoulders supported by a dominant and dominant channel and a graphic FALLS distinctive ice at back foot. {0> "" At the front, the car is also characterized by the trapezoidal lower grille, own a Ford, with a particular "piano black" finish on the show car in Frankfurt.

Offering space up to 7 occupants, the C-MAX North American is characterized by a high roofline and narrow pillars to emphasize the generous habitability and visibility inside. Two sliding doors are perfectly integrated, while the rail is hidden by the gutter to the shoulder of the vehicle.

An elegant and modern interior

The interior of the new C-MAX reflects the dynamic and modern character of the exterior of the vehicle, including muscled and expressive shapes and bold graphics. Cles from its aesthetic features, there are: the tense form in wing shape of the upper part of the dashboard that extends to the dimensions of the cockpit. A bold shape is large radius integrate the dashboard to the center console. The interior provides a high position and commanding driving with a selector lever elevated and a center console that reminds the passenger taking the new Fiesta. Of intelligently designed storage spaces are located throughout the cabin, including a large glove box and generous storage space in the doors. In addition, there are other compartments and cupholders in the center console.

Ingenious configuration 7 places

To maximize the versatility of the 7-seat configuration, the Ford engineers have developed a new mechanism to fold the three seats of the second row. This mechanism allows the center seat to fold quickly and easily under one of the two outer seats, thus creating a practical space to move them. This space allows passengers to have access to the third row without having to move the two outer seats, which is particularly useful when they are occupied by child safety seats. The owners have the option of using the convenient 2 +2 +2 configuration or the 7-seater needed. The seats of the second and third row also been an ingenious design so they can be folded to create a flat loading surface, regardless of the number of seats used. All mechanisms to fold the seats have been designed to operate with one hand.

New generation of global cars Ford "C" segment

The C-MAX is the first of a new generation of global cars "C" whose launch is planned over the next year segment. This series of new models include the worldwide launch of the next generation Ford Focus in late 2010.'s New range of cars "C" is the result of a global development program unprecedented and will offer a wide range of technologies edge that will improve the safety, convenience, comfort and driver satisfaction. Up to 10 models and more than 2 million vehicles per year bases on this platform will be sold by Ford global scale every launches ended.

Mr. Fields added: "By concentrating resources and committing to a background segments B and C vehicles in North America, Ford demonstrated that it does things differently. By the end of 2011, after the launch of the Fiesta and Focus next generation in 2010, the launch of the Focus Electric battery and the model has 7 place in 2011, Ford will offer its customers at least six small cars. They offer all really bold designs with the most recent automotive technologies. "

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