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Toyota Prius 2004 2007: A campaign services limited

Toyota announced that it will repair 7,300 vehicles Prius 2004 2007 Canada to remedy a possible problem at the water pump which could cause overheating of the coolant and cause a reduction in power.

The water pump is part of a system designed to cool the components of the hybrid powertrain and is separated from the cooling system of petrol engine. A fault in the water pump can cause an accumulation of air bubbles and disrupt the flow of coolant, which can cause overheating.

The warming of the components may trigger the activation of the witness engine malfunction. If the temperature of the hybrid components becomes too high, the vehicle will be in "standby mode" to prevent damage to the hybrid components.

This campaign has the support clientele is not a recall as Toyota has determined that it is not a problem connecting to the security, and the manufacturer has received no reports of accidents or injuries in connection with this condition.

The owners of the vehicles will be notified by mail of the first class from the beginning of December 2010. Toyota dealers will replace the water pump with pump new free design for owners of vehicles. The owners who have previously paid for repairs for a specific remedy this condition are requested to contact their local Toyota dealer to request a refund.

Customers can obtain detailed information and answers to their questions by contacting the Centre Customer Interaction to 1888 TOYOTA-8. Further information is available on the safety of vehicles on the site

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