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Chevrolet celebrates its 100 years

Birthday is coming: Chevrolet Turns 100

• Launch of the centennial celebrations in Detroit

• Chevrolet Europe will launch seven novelties over the next 12 months

• Small retrospective of 100 years of fine automobiles

• Highlights of Chevrolet

Chevrolet celebrates its centennial in 2011 and given a kick off a year of celebrations at the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) with the world premiere of the new Chevrolet Aveo sedan (called Sonic the United States).

Chevrolet was founded in Detroit in November 1911 by the pilot and engineer Louis Chevrolet and General Motors founder William C. "Billy" Durant. The brand has developed cars that quickly forged a reputation in terms of performance, solidity and price-performance ratio. These qualities are always in the heart of Chevrolet, the fourth car brand in the world.

Of all the debuts, Chevrolet gets into its range of cars and commercial technology usually reserved for much more expensive vehicles. The first Chevrolet - the Classic Six Series C - offered an electric starter and electric headlamps at a time when these two facilities were still rare, even for luxury sedans. In the decades that followed, innovations such as safety glass, fuel injection, ABS brakes and electronic stability have arrived on Chevrolet at the same time as more expensive vehicles. Being one of the most Broadcast brands on the market, the rapid adoption by Chevrolet important technologies are changing the way in which they were subsequently adopted by the novelties.

Chevrolet has also allowed the performance to become accessible. Its first four and six-cylinder engines were known for their solidity and good performance. But it's launch in 1955 V8 "small block" Chevrolet has opened a new era in which high performance were within the reach of all. The engine would be mounted on millions of cars and vans for 50 years. Its genetic heritage has been transmitted to a new generation of V8 "small block" currently mounted on pickup trucks and SUVs, as well as a high-performance cars such as Corvette and Camaro.

Health V8 "small block" Chevrolet has allowed to prevail in almost all areas of motorsport. Racing cars led by Chevrolet blocks were immediately USED IN Emerging world of stock car racing and drag of 50 years, they would dominate in the following decades. Chevrolet is the brand that has won the most NASCAR wins and wins more titles in NHRA Pro Stock builders than any other brand.

Chevrolet Corvette brings with it the proof of his reputation automobile myth, powerful and reliable, winning six titles at Le Mans 24 Hours. In 2010, Chevrolet festival a double victory in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC): Chevrolet Cruze has a win both the drivers' championship and the constructors WTCC.

A tradition of design

Design has always been an essential element in Chevrolet, and many of its models have become icons of American culture. Fins of Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 summarize the optimism of the era jets, while the Corvette Stingray 1963 is considered by many historians of the automobile as one of the most beautiful cars ever dessinees.

Design of other Chevrolet models had a cultural impact that has been felt for years. The Camaro was launched in 1967, offered a beautiful line and a powerful engine at prices which permitted the access to a young clientele. The fifth generation Camaro, presented in 2010, reflects the spirit. It quickly became a bestseller and dominates its main competitors.

In the world of 4x4 Chevrolet innovations changes the game and opened new markets. Suburban, the first SUV in the world, was presented in 1935 and is now the model that has the life span of the longest in the history of the automobile. The Suburban is faithful for 76 years to the original concept, offering plenty of space for passengers and their luggage.

In 1955, a limited series of Chevrolet Cameo Carrier adopted for the first time on a classic pick-up rear wings from integrating the wheels. The pickup gained more upscale line which removed the conventional pick-up dump has straight sides overlooking the wheels. In a few years, while the market adopted the novelty. The sides in the continuity of the body, which is called "fleetside" were fitted all pick-up.

First year

A native of Switzerland, Louis Chevrolet (1878-1941) was a pilot, a mechanic and an engineer full of ideas. For his part, William C. "Billy" Durant (1861-1947) was an industrial automotive visionary. Durant had founded General Motors in 1908 when he met Chevrolet, whose reputation was growing: the daring driver had to beat a speed record on land in 1905, reaching 178 km / h in a special race car. During hired Chevrolet to run and its promotion.

In 1910, Durant was evince the company he had founded, but would not leave the auto industry he felt growing. He grouped several partners, including Chevrolet, to develop a new car. During thought the fame Chevrolet driver could help sell cars, and that's why it appealed to him. The Chevrolet company was founded in 1911 and its first car, the Series C Classic Six, was a great car very neat. His big six-cylinder 4.9 liter engine delivered them 40 hp and allowed him to drive more than 100 km / h. She was sold 2.150 dollars, or the equivalent of nearly $ 50,000 today, taking into account inflation.

Despite its high price, the Chevrolet was well received thanks to his line, his behavior and comfort. Also produced in a smaller and more affordable car called Little. Sales of both models were doing well, but Durant believed in the potential of entry-level and hired his company in that direction. The Chevrolet Series C and the Little were produced until 1913. In 1914, the platform of the Little was transformed and became Chevrolet Model L before to be present, the same year, the Model H.

The reorientation of the Chevrolet range met immediate success, thanks to a well positioned prices and four-cylinder engine that proved to be very solid. In spite of these early success, Durant and Chevrolet did not join is the policy of the company's products. Divergence led in 1915 to repurchase shares during Chevrolet in society. Ultimately, it was the customers choice validerent Durant and Chevrolet sales continued to grow. This success enabled Durant to buy a majority stake in General Motors in 1916. In 1917, Durant was back at the head of GM and Chevrolet became one of the divisions.

During left General Motors in 1920. Crea There a new car manufacturing company, and became a major investor in the stock market on Wall Street. The stock market crash of 1929 proved fatal for both companies. It went bankrupt in 1936. He died in 1947 and was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, New York.

Louis Chevrolet also lost his fortune during the Great Depression. He returned his employment base and worked as mechanic in a Chevrolet factory in Detroit. He died in 1941 and was buried in Indianapolis, near the famous circuit or it was forging a reputation for courageous pilot and follower of innovation.

The coming century

Thanks to the electric Volt, Chevrolet approaches its second century by redefining the concept car. This is the first electric vehicle to the world, produced in series with a range extender, to ride for 600 km. This means that the Volt benefited from the advantages of an electric car without the limits of autonomy that others proposed electric vehicles on the market - thus pushing the boundaries of performance and sobriety. It is in line with the Chevrolet culture, offering technology products on a good price-performance ratio.

The spirit of progress, which has been present from conception to production of the Volt, is also present in products such as the Cruze and Spark, whose qualities are underlined by laudatory articles by the mouth ear and the growing number of new Chevrolet customers. Similarly, the Camaro and Corvette continue a tradition that has lasted for 60 years, that offer high performance and advanced technology on sports cars remain accessible.

The Cruze, Aveo / Sonic and Spark are novelties that mark the development of the global presence of Chevrolet. Logo bowtie Chevrolet is present on cars in more than 130 countries and Chevrolet takes account of these international influences to develop products that are better adapted to local needs and tastes. But it continues to provide quality style, a quality-price ratio and performance clips to the mark. The joint development with technical and design centers distributed around the world also can provide more efficient vehicles, safer and more sober. Chevrolet approaches its second century swells of energy. 100 years ahead will see Chevrolet rethink the car to follow the evolution of society and change energy sources - while maintaining the quality of design, performance and quality-price ratio that always characterizes the brand.

Major stages of the Chevrolet story:

1911 - Foundation Chevrolet launched the Series C Classic Six at a price of $ 2150.

1914 - First appearance of the legendary logo "bowtie?" Chevrolet. The Model H appears with a strong four-cylinder engine that helps establish the reputation of reliability Chevrolet. The engine of Chevrolet host until 1928.

1915 - Presentation of the Model 490 A name that has a price, $ 490, or $ 5 less than the Ford T..

1917 - Chevrolet becomes a division of General Motors.

1918 - Presentation of the first Chevrolet utility; one frame uses the Model 490 and the other a heavy chassis 1 tonne.

1929 - Marketing of a new six-cylinder OHV presented with the "six for the price of four" slogan. His round head bolts has earned the engine the nickname "Stovebolt" (round head slotted bolt, used in the frame) - name now symbolizes the solidity and longevity of Chevrolet.

1934 - Chevrolet presents an independent front suspension.

1935 - Launch of the Suburban, with three rows of seats and a generous boot. It celebrated its seventy-sixteenth anniversary in 2011 and is the vehicle of the oldest series in the history of the automobile.

1942 - Chevrolet stops building civilian vehicles and dedicates its production facilities for the manufacture of armaments for World War II.

1953 - Presentation of the Corvette. The first year are produced only 300 copies of this sports car body in fiberglass. This is the beginning of a legendary car, still at the top after nearly 60 years.

1955 - The "small block" V8 is omnipresent launches the new 1955 Chevrolet range It opens a new era or performance becomes accessible.. He also became a historical monument, as still exists today in the "LS" family of V8 "small block" found on 4x4s, SUVs and sports Chevrolet.

1956 - Debut of the TV program "Dinah Shore Chevy Show", a time that always ends with the "See the USA in your Chevrolet" song. The program is the evolution of that 15 minutes had previously Dinah Shore, the first woman to have her own TV program. Dinah Shore was singing "See the USA" in the early 50s and the song was used in the Chevrolet commercials after the end of the TV program Dinah Shore in 1963.

1957 - For the first time, fuel injection.

1960 - Junior Johnson won the Daytona 500 in a Chevrolet, the first of 21 victories in NASCAR Chevrolet (until 2010) - more than any other manufacturer.

1962 - The Beach Boys record "409", a tribute to Chevrolet driven by the motor 409, which set fire to the bitumen in races on the quarter mile in the country.

1967 - Presentation of the Camaro, offering many possibilities for customization and high performance engines which drew up immediately among the best "muscle cars".

1970 - Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins won the first NHRA Pro Stock race Winternationals, driving a Camaro.

1975 - Launch of the slogan "Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet".

1986 - The Chevrolet Corvette is the first to receive ABS brakes, an equipment which will arrive soon all Chevrolet models.

1990 - The Corvette ZR-1 wins a terce of endurance records, including an average speed of over 280 km / h for 24 hours (with stops including stands).

1991 - The campaign "Like a Rock" was launched to promote the Chevrolet 4x4, based on the song by Bob Seger the same name. The campaign took place during the year 2004 and is considered as one of the most successful cars.

1994 - Jeff Gordon won the inaugural race of the NASCAR 400 Indianapolis, aboard a Monte Carlo race.

1997 - V8 "small block" of 3rd generation - family nicknamed "LS" engines by fans - debuted on the redesigned Corvette.

2005 - Renaissance of Chevrolet Europe.

2007 - "Transformers" is a blockbuster that features Bumblebee, a character who becomes a yellow Camaro.

2008 - The total Chevrolet sales in Europe reached a record 510,800 cars.

2010 - Best Overall walking from Europe with 2.53%.

2010 - Double victory! Chevrolet won the drivers 'title and the constructors' championship WTCC cars.

2011 - Launch of the Volt, giving the signal of a new era for cars motor electric with range extender.

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