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2011 Nissan Quest: Destinee parents

The 2011 Nissan Quest is for those who take the most demanding and the most rewarding role in the world: the parent

Early 2011, the fourth and the new generation Nissan Quest enters it at Nissan dealers nationwide. Quest soon facilitate the lives of those who take the most demanding and the most rewarding role in the world: be a parent. This is not just a new model of the Quest which is preparing to emerge; it is a whole new concept of minivan, which includes a full range of innovations and amenities which all family members can enjoy together. With electric sliding doors opening and a closing touch, foldaway seats to flat instantly, its regulator the air peak and loading tray at the back, among others, the Quest is designed so innovative that it allows, day after day, to realize the impossible. Just as parents.

"The all-new Nissan Quest is based on a detailed understanding of the role of parent. Minivans are still regarded as one of the most ungrateful of the passage to adulthood symbols, some perceiving them as a form of renunciation has youth and pleasure. However, Nissan sees the minivan as a tribute to family life; not only for moms on weekdays, but also to spend quality family time on the weekend, "stated Mark McDade, Director, Marketing, Nissan Canada Inc." We view Quest as a reward attributed to parents to fill their role altogether. "

Conceived as a way of utility inside and outside, the 2011 Quest offers functionality, unique style and comfort to all its occupants. "We can not promise that the new Quest facilitate your role as a parent or that it will make your children behave better. However, it can make your life as a parent a little less chaotic, "said McDade says.

Among the features of the new Quest which focus on innovation for the whole family are included:

• Modern interior and exterior design and refined that redefines the minivan segment, including a sculpted body in any fluidity and tinted windows surrounding the vehicle

• Sliding side doors was opening and closing electric touch that can lock and open the touch of a finger, even if you have loads of packages arms

• Two sunroofs has double opening windows through which blows a refreshing breeze for the occupants of the front and rear seats

• Electric Mirrors in the second row

• The seats fold flat has instantly in the second and third row, standard equipment, allows to create a storage space has the right floor, and a lifting seat electrically in the third row is optional on the LE model

• Heated Seats dotes before the heating system perfect "Quick Comfort", which provides passengers with instant comfort

• Removable console in the second row with cupholders and lid

• Large covered loading tray at the back, permanently accessible

• Cruise ambient advanced, intelligent system of heating, ventilation and air conditioning with Plasmacluster air purifier, filter based on grape seed polyphenols and automatic air recirculation

• System monitoring blind spots and rearview camera

• Mirror cockpit, which increases the visibility and facilitates communication with the children sitting in the second and third row

• Seats that are reminiscent of a cinema in the second and third row, serial, and large 11 inch color screen in the back with automatic adjustment of brightness, optional

• Great maneuverability; turning radius and triangular windows at the front for better visibility

• Control system for tire pressure warning device with tire, which notifies you when the tire pressure is optimal

"The minivan, which was conceived in a new perspective, aims to help families manage their priorities wisely. It helps to meet the needs of everyday life, which are often axes on children, but also consistent with some of the more emotional aspects: personal style, driving pleasure and unforgettable family vacation, "says McDade has . "She was thinking of a way you get back on the road comfort and warmth of a home or piece it is good to reunite. "

Innovative functionality

The "innovative functionality" of the new 2011 Nissan Quest is reflected first by the fact that the minivan based on a proven foundation, namely the "D platform" IMPROVED Nissan, which is also used in the current design of Maxima sedans and Nissan Altima, as well as that of the Murano crossover SUV popular. With its long wheelbase of 118.1 inches and an overall length of 200.8 inches, the Quest owns a spacious interior and a readily manageable size.

The exterior style of the Quest combines fluid structural elements has well chiselled details, all redefining the concept of a minivan. At the front, a bumper and an imposing grille and headlights stretching horizontally combine has lateral stringers pronounce and has a distinctive shape wheels feature 16-inch wheels and 18-inch in equipment series. Quest also stands out for its well profiled portieres whose surface blends harmoniously with taillights style "boomerang" and the rear tailgate trim, look that suggested that the Quest was carved from a solid rock.

The most striking of the new Quest design, however, lies in the appearance tinted windows surrounding the vehicle, which are decorated with a black border and a chrome trim. Combined with wide and low positioning of the vehicle and its nosewheel muscle, they confer on the Quest looks the most dynamic and most distinctive in its class. The external design of the vehicle is also one of the most aerodynamic, the drag coefficient of the Quest S model being 0.32 Cx. Besides Chrome door handles, a rear spoiler fixed to the roof and trim plate chrome used provided serial, the External features are available with the optional Quest discharge headlamps high intensity xenon headlights, ignition function and automatic off headlights, fog lights and two exterior mirrors has deicer ice and electrical controls. Quest also features small triangle windows in the front doors and promoting visibility. Two sunroofs has double opening windows are also offered optional on SL and LE models of the Quest, which reinforce the open and airy appearance of the interior.

The new Quest is endowed with sliding side doors and electrical function with selective unlocking, opening and unlocking Touch and ice electrical device. This system works in conjunction with the key intelligenteMC Nissan offered as standard equipment. In addition, given the design of the rail system of portieres the Quest, not the sliding door is lower than competitive minivans. This feature is particularly useful to help young children or elderly persons enter the second or the third row. In addition, a power liftgate with unlocking and opening Touch series is offered on SL and LE models of the Quest.

"Touch The door opening is a very practical functionality every time you approach the vehicle with their hands full, what can happen several times a day. In combination with the Intelligent Key, no fumbling at the bottom of his bag to find his cles to unlock, or to deposit their packages down or let go of the hand of his child to open the car door: it is sufficient to press the button located on the handle and the Quest takes care of the rest, "stressed Mr. McDade.

The convenience and ease of use of the Quest also reflected in its interior design, including its folding seats to flat instantly in the second and third row. To fold flat to the seat of the third row, which records fold 60/40, just pull on a strap (S and SV models of the Quest) or press a button (SL and LE models of Quest). The model is also provided LE with a lifting seat in the third row electrically. A spring can easily fold or raise the seat. In the second row, the bucket seats can also be replies and statements into a snap thanks to a planned functionality for this purpose. Similarly, in the second row, a feature offered as standard equipment allows easy access to the third row.

At the back, behind the third row, the Quest has a permanent loading tray, large, versatile and cover, in which we can accommodate bulky items. This storage space is independent of the seat of the third row, which folds flat. It is always accessible when you need it, and is covered with a light but sturdy flap folding 60/40 and multiple positions, which can be removed if necessary.

"We must take into account the fact that in real life, things happen spontaneously. For example, after having driven your children to their sports training, you may have to go without notice in a shop-warehouse to pick up crates of drinks and appetizers. The new Quest can make the transition directly between the transport of passengers and goods. You will not have to remove bulky seat of the second or third row, or a move objects from their storage space to install the seats. Similarly, you will not have to plan your activities according to the configuration of the interior of your vehicle that day, "said McDade says.

The interior comfort and convenience features of the vehicle are also designed in a versatile optical and utility. The driver's seat has a manual adjustment has six positions on the S and SV models and an electrical adjustment has eight positions on the SL and LE versions. The passenger seat is, for its part, has four adjustable positions on models S, SV and SL and electrically adjustable four positions on the model LE. The seats are covered with a fabric resistant to the models of series S and SV, while the SL and LE models of series are covered in leather. The Quest LE is also equipped with a device for memorization for two drivers and a system of input / output automatic.

The seats before the Quest, unique design, come with a "trilaminar" special structure. This is based on the use of three types of cushions to leave the body weight also more than traditional padding, and is the first application of the new Seat heater before "Quick Comfort" Nissan, which provides passengers with instant comfort (SL and LE models). Activation of this system leads to the immediate peak warming of parts of the body more sensitive to heat, such as the thighs and hips. Then, to maintain a feeling of warmth and comfort, the heating elements focus on the pressure points of the body.

The interior of the Quest Layouts recalls a movie theater, especially with raised seats in the second and third row, offering occupants an excellent visibility and vision of the screen of 11 inch WVGA entertainment system Family optional. In the second row, the Quest is equipped with comfortable armchairs captain guy with two armrests and a function of longitudinal adjustment and tilt. As for the seat of the third row, whose files are folding 60/40, it is equipped with a tilt function and headrest has three settings. In total, there are standard equipment six cupholders and six bottle holders in the Quest, two for each of the three rows of the same four coat hangers and two sockets DC 12 volts. The front center console has two levels is distinguished by its versatility in terms of storage, like a removable console of the second row. A flag set down for console, a forward, is standard on SL and LE models.

The wide dashboard Quest is equipped with a 4.3-inch color display with audio functionality (SV and SL models) as well as a touch screen 8-inch (model LE), the Nissan navigation system being series offered. The navigation system's hard disk adopts a user-friendly graphical interface, a menu structure of intelligent search functionalities, a Music Box ® Hard Drive 9.3 GB and restaurants guide Zagat SurveyMD.

Among the new technologies is equipped Quest, one of the most innovative - and which will also, assuredly, one of most popular - is the regulator of the air peak with Plasmacluster air purifier, filter base of grape seed polyphenols and automatic air recirculation, standard on the LE model. This system comes in three stages to reduce the allergens and unwanted odors in the cabin of the Quest. Its functionality to control the incoming air continuously analyzes External odors using a sensor and method automatically closes the intake port to prevent the infiltration of smoke from exhaust or unpleasant odors other in cockpit. It automatically restores the flow of fresh air when unpleasant odors are absorbed.

The controller of the air peak has a filter base grape seed polyphenols which helps reduce the amount of harmful allergens in the interior air. Finally, the evolved Plasmacluster air purifier generates ions that "serving" the interior air of unwanted odors, whether from inside or outside the vehicle.

The models SV, SL and LE Quest are equipped with a system of automatic regulation of the air-sorting areas, while the S model of the Quest is equipped with a manual adjustment of temperature. Various audio systems are also proposed, starting with a sound chain AM/FM/6 CD has four speakers on the Quest S model. A Bose ® audio system with top quality AM / FM radio, CD, DVD and flash memory, 13 speakers (including two subwoofers) and XM ® Satellite Radio (XM ® subscription is required, sold separately) is available on serial the model LE and optional on the SL model of the Quest. USB connectivity with the iPod ® is also offered on the model series SL models and the upper end.

Quest owns another functionality that will help parents talk with the occupants of rear seats: the mirror cockpit. Available on models SV, SL and LE, this mirror has both wide and compact deplie is close to the place where is the standard mirror (replacing the storage space for sunglasses). It confers the driver greater visibility and enables it to communicate with the children of the second and third row without turning his head or constantly adjust the mirror.

A RearView Monitor, which allows you to see objects that are behind the Quest when the gear lever is turned back, is standard on SL and LE models.

"These are small things like an extra mirror, the LOCATED portieres has an accessible height or simply the fresh air which can decorate driving your vehicle daily and make sure that you get a rested "destination, stressed Mr. McDade. "Our engineers were thinking almost everything is looking for a parent in a minivan, including fun behind the wheel of the vehicle. "

Innovation at the service of safety and driving pleasure

The Nissan vehicles are distinguished by their dynamic performance and the all-new 2011 Quest is no exception to the rule.

The quality and reliability of the Quest outstanding result first by a V6 engine DOHC 3.5-liter 253 horsepower and 236 lb-ft, which is part of the VQ engine series premiums Nissan.

The engine is equipped with a double control system of induction Nissan (NICS) of camshaft and crankshaft surfaces microfinies of tappets covered with a deposit CDA, a manifold Resin, a crankshaft forging, a digital knock control system, a high capacity muffler and cylinder heads and a lightweight aluminum block. The engine is associated with a gearbox Xtronic ADVANCED CVTMC (continuously variable) of Nissan motor adaptation diet, characteristic that allows the driver to enjoy a driving experience is powerful and a smooth ride that only the gearbox may provide a continuous variation.

The new Quest is further distinguished by the security and nervous maneuverability provided by an independent four-wheel suspension, a front, an independent strut suspension with helical springs and stabilizer bar, and at the rear, suspension multilink independent. Braking is provided by the disc brakes with four-wheel antilock brakes (ABS), electronic distribution of braking force and brake assist. As for system management, there is a cogwheel sensitive power steering has the speed of the vehicle.

The S and SV models of the Quest are equipped with 16-inch wheels (aluminum-alloy on SV model) on which are mounted P225/65R16 all-season tires, while the SL and LE models of the Quest are provided aluminum wheels 18-inch machine-finished on which are mounted all season tires P235/65R18 alloy.

The control system of tire pressure equipment available in the Quest series is endowed with a warning tire inflation device, a first for this segment of vehicles. When inflating tires, lights flash to indicate distress that the system works. When the tires reach optimum pressure, Quest tells you a little honk. On Quest LE, the tire pressure on all four wheels is indicated on the screen of WVGA 8-inch navigation.

Quest includes a number of advanced safety systems, which fall under the concept of "security shield" by Nissan vehicle. Thus, the Quest LE offers as standard equipment the first Nissan application of the system for monitoring the blind spot, which warns the driver that another vehicle is in the blind spot by illuminating an indicator light in the appropriate outside mirror. If the driver activates the turn signal thereafter, the light flashes and a beep sounds.

All 2011 Quest also propose, serial, dynamic control of the vehicle and traction control system. Some other characteristics of series: system improves airbags with front airbags Nissan has two complementary levels of deployment, seatbelt sensors and sensor occupant classification, complementary lateral airbags front seat, curtains complementary lateral airbags integrated in the pavilion to protect the head of the front seat passenger and rear, headrest has security force has locking front and rear children in safety-doors.

Quest: four well-equipped models

The all-new 2011 Nissan Quest is available in four models: S, SV, SL and LE, and seven exterior colors: Fresh Water, Black spectrum, brush Nickel, Silver evasion, Carbone silver, spices and white Hakone . Two interior colors are available, or beige and gray, and the seats are covered with fabric (models S and SV) or leather (SL and LE).

Here is the list of equipment and features of different models:

Quest S: Alloy 16 inch steel with full wheel covers; rear spoiler fixed to the roof; Bucket seats have six settings front; pockets in the front doors, trim in shades of wood (dashboard, front and portieres switches for operating the ice sliding doors); Folding seats to flat in the second and third row, Standing loading tray at the back; center console in the first and second row; cle intelligenteMC Nissan boot with push button; and string sound AM/FM/6 CD has four speakers.

Quest SV: power sliding doors opening and a closing touch; wheels with 16-inch aluminum alloy; Automatic cruise ambient air tri-areas; electric adjustable lumbar support on the driver's seat; six speakers; fog lights; mirror and cockpit.

Quest SL: Seats and door trim in leather; aluminum rims 18 inch alloy; power liftgate; driver's seat has eight way power adjustment; Heated seats "Quick Comfort" front, providing passengers with instant comfort; HomeLink universal remote; mirror inside dimming with compass; roof rails; lighthouses lighting and sprinkler; lever shaft speeds leather; folding bench was flat in the third row instantly; exterior mirrors with integrated turn signals; 4.3-inch color screen with audio functionality; USB iPod ® connectivity with the port; telephone system with Bluetooth hands-free steering wheel controls; RearView Monitor; and steering wheel leather sheath.


Quest LE: Nissan Navigation System; Bose ® audio system with 12 speakers; XM ® Satellite Radio (XM ® subscription is required, sold separately); storage system the position of driver's seat and exterior mirrors; exterior mirrors that tilt automatically turn back; manual sunshade in the second and third row; the front passenger seat has four power adjustments; VGA color 8-inch (integrated dashboard) display; audio-video system with DVD, with two wireless headphones and remote control; 11 inch screen with aspect ratio of 16:9 DVD entertainment system at the rear; cruise ambient air tip with automatic air recirculation; monitoring system of the blind; and discharge headlamps high intensity xenon.

Only three sets of options are available: audio-video system with DVD (SL); two sunroofs has double opening windows (SL and LE) and all Bose ® (SL).

"With the launch of the new 2011 Quest, Nissan redefines the paradigms of mobility of families by providing a vehicle that combines elegance, safety and convenience and pays tribute to family life," concluded Mr. McDade.

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