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Allard J2X MK II: Quebec sold in Europe

Allard's name was synonymous with excellence in the design of racing cars, especially in the early '50s. The model of the most famous brand Allard is unquestionably the J2X MK II. A very nice performance roadster has only 83 copies produced between the years 1951 and 1954.

An almost perfect replica

Today is a Quebecois that the honor of reviving this legendary brand by producing an extremely faithful replica Roadster J2X MK II. So much so that each model receives a plaque of authenticity recognized by society Allard Register.   

This Quebecois is Roger Allard and despite its name, it has no link with parent Sydney Allard, founder of the brand in 1936. Passionate of British cars, Mr. Allard and his good friends will stand purchasers of rights to use the name Allard and mainly produce a replica of the most famous sports car, the J2X MK II.

After the America, Europe and China

Our neighbors to the south, there is a authorized dealer in California and in Boston. Even the Middle East has its custodian as well said our colleague Alain Morin quite recently met with Mr. Roger Allard for an exclusive interview.

Today, it is the European countries like England, Germany and France who seem interested by the new Allard J2X MKII. Even the new wealthy Chinese are interested in this beautiful car. In Europe, we find under the long hood a V8 produced by General Motors and displaying a power of 355 horses.

Allard J2X Roadster MK II is a true piece of art. The asking price is around the $ 138,000 USD and it takes between 10 and 12 weeks before taking delivery of the coveted car.

Allard J2X MK II: Quebec sold in Europe picture #1

Allard J2X MK II: Quebec sold in Europe picture #2

Allard J2X MK II: Quebec sold in Europe picture #3

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