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Dodge Charger 2011: The Challenger has four doors

Seeing the disposal of its new taillights, I am immediately pulled over that of the Challenger model. That among other things, why I call it the Challenger has four doors. Moreover, according to the designers of the company this new version of the Dodge Charger gives himself more than ever airs a four-door cut.

Although we could expect to see more modern styling changes compared to the previous model's silhouette, it was agreed to admit that it was under that dress hide the main changes that have been bringest him.

Cote engines, she spends three to only two engines. One, found under the hood of the SE and SXT versions is a new 3.6-liter Pentastar V6, while the powerful R / T text remains faithful to the 5.7-liter HEMI V8. Henceforth, this engine benefited from the Fuelsaver 4-cylinder technology mode.

His image sedan hardline sport remains intact with its frame and suspensions were again Reinforced body.

Here is the statement issued by Chrysler Canada:


Chrysler Canada - breaking Dodge models continues with the all-new 2011 Dodge Charger Performance and precision high-level car legend.

The all-new 2011 Dodge Charger, an iconic model resembling a modern cut four doors, presents performance, finish and refinement of high-level matching systems connectivity to the forefront. This flagship of the Dodge brand book luxury and precision of an advanced sedan has an incredible price.

Drawing heavily on the legendary second generation Charger from the late 1960s, the 2011 Dodge Charger is dressed in a profilee body whose design will vibrate the chord enthusiasts of all generations.

The aggressive front grille adorned with the famous Cross-launch seems a challenge to best archrival sedans in the world. The two hollow air extractors in the hood aluminum add a sporty look to the front of the Charger while the sides ample sizes form a dynamic arc along any doors that evokes the performance of the Dodge Charger high pass. The sides hangers Load profile "coke bottle" creates a slender silhouette accentuated by the front wings and rear muscled. At the rear, the width of the cut four doors is accentuated by the unreleased drawing taillights LED 164 compounds that enhance the theme "race track."

Imagine to evoke the golden age of high-performance cars, the design of the interior of the 2011 Dodge Charger is the conductor axis and center on the new instrument cluster. The instrument is housed in a frame that size appears in an aluminum block and design continues in the central group and the console. To better convey the superb driving feel authorized by the rigid frame, the Charger is equipped with a new steering wheel has three branches has thick sheath that fits perfectly in your hands. The attention to detail stands in the finish, style and comfort of the cabin stocked materials pleasant to the touch and available in four distinctive color combinations.

Maximizing the structural stiffness of the Dodge Charger, the engineers have managed to refine the sound quality of the passenger (rather than sound level) and thus isolate the noise from the powertrain, ride and wind. In addition, the monocoque structure Charger includes materials and improvements involved in the design of the structure, including a windshield and front windows has acoustic double glazing, soundproofing foam in the cavities, door frames has ROLLED feature triple seals and liners wings soundproofing for absorbing noise and bathe the interior in quiet. These many improvements successfully raise the sound quality of the interior of the all-new Dodge Charger at the best sedans in the world.

In his capacity as flagship of the Dodge brand, the brand new 2011 Charger receives a frame evolved and finely developed to deliver a quality, a road competence and refinement that rival those of the best sedans from Europe, Asia and North -american. The second generation of this architecture has rear wheel drive suspensions benefited from FCT set to deliver road holding worthy of the most demanding circuits race while providing a great tourism behavior that will deliver a superb driving pleasure on the main road.

Conceived to compete with the best sports sedans, the all-new Dodge Charger SE and SXT 2011 is powered by the new 3.6-liter Pentastar engine that delivers power, refinement, technology and fuel economy quite remarkable . And to maximize the pleasure of sporty driving and offer the highest power category, Load range offers the new Dodge Charger R / T animated by the legendary 5.7-liter HEMI ® V8 acquires the technology Fuelsaver mode 4 cylinders.

The all-new Dodge Charger R / T AWD 2011 is also equipped with a front axle disconnectable transfer box. This exclusive system in this category allows a reduction up to 5 p. 100 consumption. No other major automotive manufacturer offers such a combination of two independent technologies. The AWD system (AWD) Dodge Charger allows imperceptible transition between propulsion modes and integral, without any intervention from the driver. When the integral mode is not required, the system automatically disconnects the front axle to reduce consumption while providing the typical performance and remarkable handling of the cars propulsion.

The system's Advanced Uconnect ® Touch series makes available to the occupants of the new 2011 Dodge Charger-the-art infotainment and convenience technologies to ensure communications, comfort and the security of all. With Uconnect Touch, the driver of the Charger and its passengers enjoy a range of benefits, from the browser evolved Garmin ® dual-zone air conditioning up.

The all-new 2011 Dodge Charger presents more than 65 safety features, including keyless start system Keyless Enter-N-Go and electronic traction control system (ESC), both serial and the braking of functions Emergency Braking anticipates and rain, in this exclusive segment, which allow improving the behavior and performance on road and track. Among the security systems available for the first time on the Dodge Charger include adaptive cruise the Cruise Control (ACC) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW), cross-path detection (PCR) and in blind spots (BSM) and the reverse camera with grid ParkViewMC, all intended to enhance driving confidence.

Built a plant in Brampton, Ontario (Canada), the 2011 Dodge Charger will be delivered to dealers in the fourth quarter of 2010.

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