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Dodge Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition

Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition •: the most luxurious Ram truck to date

• domestic and external characteristics exclusive

• New colors, new refinements welcome buyers first quality

Chrysler Canada today unveiled the most luxurious Ram Truck ever produced by the company. Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition appointed, the model best team of the Ram range is designed for the owner who needs a truck for work and for fun, but requires nothing less than the best quality and most high degree of refinement.

In the inside as on the outside, the Laramie Longhorn is truffle remarkable features.

"The Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition will establish the standard for truck luxury," stated Ed Broadbear, Vice President Marketing, Chrysler Canada. "Combining functionality and upscale style, the Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition steal the show at the ranch as downtown. "

"In Ram Laramie Longhorn design, we inspire traditional handcrafted items, such as antique pocket watch, a good pair of leather cowboy boots hand-worked, or saddle rider" Ryan stressed Nagode, head of program design. "The metal work and leather work are unequal. "


Ram Laramie Longhorn models the Edition are accented by distinctive way with emblems of western style. Laramie Longhorn edition an emblem in chrome steel with touches of color is fixed to the tailgate, while the doors feature a clean attractive emblem each model Laramie Longhorn (1500, 2500 or 3500).

Laramie Longhorn edition is available in five colors, including the treatment of external paint Sage Sarsaparilla with white gold, which is not available on other models Ram. The rocker two-tone "white gold" matching the fender flares, bumpers front and rear painted and steps Mopar round off the chrome grille and painted tow hooks two. Other colors include Bright White, Brilliant Black Crystal layer, deep brown Inferno, Inferno Red Crystal Pearl or dark cherry. All Laramie Longhorn edition trucks feature the exclusive contrasting color "white gold" for a distinctive look high quality.

The Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn edition is equipped with aluminum wheels chrome 20-inch, while models 2500 and 3500 single rear wheels roll on polished aluminum wheels. The 3500 Ram has dual rear wheels have polished aluminum wheels with a hub cap bearing the emblem Laramie Longhorn Edition.


Ram Laramie Longhorn edition is also distinguished by its uneven interior refinement. Inspired interiors premiums Ram 1500 and Ram Heavy Duty 2500 and 3500, the Laramie Longhorn shatters stereotypes about trucks.

Interior sets 

A full leather interior, serious Elements deliverables and walnut woodgrain trim Ram Laramie Longhorn give the Edition refinement and unequal style.

Laramie Longhorn is available with a choice of dark slate gray interior and russet or bark brown and light beige roller. The interiors are characterized by seats covered with leather hundred percent serious media laser (bark brown only). The sheath steering wheel has an exclusive fashion while the trim panel doors at the front and at the back is leather sheath with an exclusive sewing, woodgrain trim, and LED lighting for handles and the map pockets.


Ram Laramie Longhorn edition offers two choices of seats. The first is a dark slate gray refined leather seats with red brown tone upper category. The second is Light Pebble Beige with brown leather seats bark. The bark brown interior has serious laser watermarks that appear to be made by hand.

The front seats of the two sets have a Laramie Longhorn emblem stitched leather or Etampe (russet) or laser serious (bark brown).

Borders in contrasting leather highlight the edge of the seats. Additional accents are created for each side borders with brown or slate seams foncee.

Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition is distinguished by folders seat leather front pockets with a flap whose details authentically evoke saddlebags way. Each pocket closes with the aid of a silver buckle illustree a beef with a magnet clasp fastening.


The owners of a Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition will be welcomed by the materials of the highest quality every time they sit behind the wheel.

The group exclusive instruments Laramie Longhorn looks like factories jewels in hand with six rings in liquid chrome gauge on a taupe silver background and emblem Laramie Longhorn Edition metal inlaid work in the ring left.

The two main gauge rings have an aspect hand-worked with a estampee inner edge and serious watermarks on the surface. On the inside of these rings, the lower edges of the group dials feature small watermarks softly backlit at night.

The dashboard of the Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition features a command block with walnut woodgrain trim vein. Woodgrain colors are one of two complementary colors to adapt to the whole interior, tan or brown bark. Chrysler designers have used the furniture designs and butts of firearms upscale in their choice of wood grain.

Lining taupe silver side, resembling the polished pewter, are exclusive to the Laramie Longhorn, while chrome vent round off the details of the command block.

Cote passenger, the top panel of the glove box becomes a focal point with the addition of a band in full length aluminum engraved a watermark and Laramie Longhorn Edition emblem.

Under the dashboard, soft lighting in the legroom provides a new functional and aesthetic touch.


The deep central command block overlaps the Ram Laramie Longhorn cap is a soft leather cover to touch a french seams Laramie Longhorn sporting the logo or print (tan interior) or severe laser (bark brown interior).

Tone accents of pewter center stack flow to the back and continue along the outer edges of the center console. A chrome ring emphasizes contour of the central bin and cupholders.

Steering wheel and gear lever

Steering wheel and shifters - console mounted on the 1500 mounted on the steering column on the 2500 and 3500 - Ram Laramie Longhorn feature leather upper category with cross-stitch on the wheel and the lever speed.

The shift lever in leather on the console models 1500 is entirely new, accentuated by taupe silver lateral panels and a chrome base. The shift lever leather on the steering column of Heavy Duty models is completed by a chrome end cap.


The armrests are wrapped leather upper and accented category with the same dual French stitch used on the lid of the center console and dashboard. Panels walnut woodgrain vein nets chrome round off the visual aspect of the four doors.

Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition receive a lighting of the interior door handles and a full-length lighting that illuminates the multipurpose pockets in the front and the back.


The luxurious carpet Laramie Longhorn is protected by rubber mats all seasons specially designed with a Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition emblem polished metal and removable carpet. Mats themselves incorporate the filigree design of the dashboard and seats, while the carpet - weaving a pressure feature a Berber style upscale speckled color that integrates both luxuriously interieures colors.

Along the doorways, new silver plate bearing the Ram threshold brush footprint resist scuffing and add to the visual appeal.


Laramie Longhorn contains all equipment serial Ram Laramie upper level plus a media center with Garmin navigation system, a remote starter, a camera for parking assistance, ventilated front seats and heated rear seats . A pedalboard has a adjustable electric memory seats and heated front has ten adjustable positions for the driver - serial on Ram 1500 Laramie models - are also added to Ram Heavy Duty models Laramie Longhorn.

Ram Laramie Longhorn will be available in 1500 cabin crew and 2500 HD / 3500 HD single cab and crew cab and Mega Cab dual rear wheels; four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive; models and a short or long wheelbase.

Laramie Longhorn will be added to the other Ram trim levels, including: ST, SXT, SLT, Outdoorsman, Big Horn (1500 only), Sport (1500 only) Laramie and Power Wagon (2500 only).

Ram Laramie Longhorn models to go on sale in the first quarter of 2011. Prices will be announced closer to launch.

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