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Hyundai BlueOn: electric version of the small i10

Hyundai has unveiled its first model in Seoul serial propels entirely to electricity.

It is the BlueOn developed on the basis of the small i10 city car. This electric car need from the South Korean manufacturer investments of over 40 billion won (U.S. $ 34 million).

Its electric motor combines a lithium-ion polymer which generally have an output of 16.4 kW / h.

The small electric city car has a range of 140 km and a top speed approaching 130 km / h. A telematics system allows the driver to readily find the station closer recharge.

To better protect pedestrians, the engineers have designed a system called "Virtual EngineSound System" that emits a faint sound to notify us of its presence.

The big boss of the South Korean group Hyundai / Kia is even allowed to take the wheel of the car p'tite maker.

Hyundai plans to produce up to 2,500 units of the car by 2012.

Hyundai BlueOn: electric version of the small i10 picture #1

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