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A mini Mini to Mini

Daimler AG's Smart, Toyota and Scion iQ their p'tite, Aston Martin has its Bookmark and Volkswagen will eventually have its small Up!. Even BMW is currently working to design a small car named Megacity code.

All small city currently offered on different markets or will be within a couple of years.

A mini Mini

It does not take much to see Mini display some interest in developing a micro car that according to some information received benefit techno advances in BMW Megacity.

Originally, the Austin Morris was truly a small car whose overall length was approximately 3,050 mm or barely longer than a Smart 2010.

If BMW responds to its intentions, could ever seeing a small modern equivalent size to the Mini Austin Morris offered in '60 and '70 years.

Despite the limited information lurking on this future car, you learn all the same we still hesitate between a two or four-seater front-wheel drive that would normally use the platform of the megacity of BM for its development. The wheelbase is slightly shorter than the current Smart Fortwo.

Very small cylinder engine and electric are possible.

Concepts "Spiritual"

While ownership of the English Rover, the Mini division was presented in 1997 at the Salon de Geneve two small city concept, called Spiritual.

Two versions type hatchback three or five doors. They can accommodate up to four passengers and were powered by a 0.8 liter engine with an output of 60 horsepower. He was placed under the seats at the back.

At the time, a maximum weight of 700 kg (1543 lb) is intended by the use of a body made of a mixture of plastic and aluminum.

Two concepts that are now returning in actuality and whose aesthetic approach could serve as a basis for the design and development of future mini MINI ...

The roughing-called conceptual future mini Mini would we UNVEILED of March in Geneva Salon.

A mini Mini to Mini picture #1

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