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Toyota expanding its regional offices of the quality of products

- A decision that affects the United States and Canada

- Opening of the regional office in San Francisco this month; seven other offices planned in North America

- Considerably to improve the data collection and technical capabilities

Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc., announced today that it will intensify its program of regional offices of the quality of the product by adding four sales regions in the U.S., following the success of launched a pilot program in the area of ​​New York at the end of 2009. TMS will officially open its next office product quality in San Francisco this month, and three additional offices in the United States over the next 12 months. Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) has announced that it established regional offices of the quality of the product in Toronto and Calgary, bringing to seven the number of offices in North America.

Dotes is a staff technical and engineering specialists whose experience is based on all operations of Toyota global scale, the regional offices of the quality of the product solidify Toyota technical presence in the North American market while promoting its ability to collect data and to follow up on this work, which will help the manufacturer to detect, analyze and respond to the concerns of customers and quality problems in the field.

Regional Offices of the quality of the product are established with the mandate to investigate the problems of specific quality related to a region, to a geographical area or environmental conditions. The office area of ​​New York was established to investigate the performance of the vehicles Toyota, Lexus and Scion in cold climates, especially as regards the problems of corrosion. The new San Francisco office will focus on hybrid vehicles and their sustainability, exploiting the high concentration of this type of vehicles on the California operation.

Toyota is currently assessing the possibility to open other offices in Jacksonville, Florida (heating, ventilation and air conditioning and quality of Conduct), a Houston, Texas (trucks and chassis components) and Denver, Colorado (yield high altitude SUV models). Offices in Toronto and Calgary will focus on extreme temperature changes and many roads or road salt is used, as well as unique driving conditions.

"Everyone at Toyota is working tirelessly to understand what experienced customers and react quickly to their needs by enhancing our capabilities to collect data," says Dino has Triantafyllos, Vice President, Quality Division, Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing (TEMA). "The expansion of our regional offices of the quality of the product is an example showing the significant changes we are making at our North-American operations to ensure that our organization is focused on quality and reacts quickly. "

Regional Offices of the quality of the product will also provide technical support to staff and dealer service personnel regional; include also "specialized reactions" rapid response teams of Toyota (Swift Market Analysis Response Teams or SMART), which play a key role in investigations started quickly by Toyota especially for client reports on cases of acceleration involuntary.

The expansion program regional offices of the quality of the product is the most recent example of the efforts of Toyota in North America to implement the action plan in six Akio Toyoda president points to improve the quality has the global scale. The action plan includes a comprehensive review of quality assurance Toyota in all aspects of its operations on a global scale process, including design, manufacturing and after-sales support.

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