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Mopar Dodge Challenger? : Only 500 copies produced

Fashion productions draw limit models exception is widespread in Europe and affects almost all categories of vehicles available, including that of exotic cars.

In America, this phenomenon is quite rare and it is a Chrysler that the honor to offer several sometimes wacky declinations of some of its models, including several clutches of the Jeep brand.

Today is the turn of the Dodge division to present its model Challenger Mopar'10 which only 500 copies will be produced.

As its name suggests very well, this new version has been designed and developed with the assistance of the department of pieces "Mopar" American manufacturer.

Any of black clothed

One exterior color is offered here and there on the board seriously Brilliant Black which can be accompanied with decorative colored stripes Mopar Blue, Red or Silver.

For its part, the passenger-matched with those of the decorative strips of the body colors, offers Katzkin leather seats. The shifter knob automatic box wife form Mopar T while the manual transmission is kind of gun.

The engine versions of R / T

Under the hood with air intake exclusive to this model, we find the powerful 5.7-liter V8 HEMI R / T versions

Dodge Challenger Mopar'10 offer a more dynamic and stronger than most so-called series by the use of suspensions and much stiffer dampers versions behavior.

The price of exclusivity

The new Dodge Challenger Mopar'10 will be offered in Canada at prices "all inclusive" or nearly so, that is to say:

Mopar'10 Dodge Challenger has a five-speed automatic transmission: $ 41,390

Dodge Challenger Mopar'10 has a six-speed manual transmission: $ 43,390

To these figures will at least add an amount of $ 1400 to cover the costs of transportation and delivery.

They make their entrance in dealers next month and across the North America.

Mopar Dodge Challenger? : Only 500 copies produced picture #1

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