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Ford F Series Super Duty diesel 2011: Stronger and more economical

The Series F Super Duty diesel 2011, the best-selling series combines power, capacity, fuel economy and value.

• The Power Stroke ® V8 Turbo 6.7L now has established a couple 800 lb-ft, the best category, and a power of 400 horsepower, an increase of 65 lb-ft of torque and 10 horsepower . Current owners of a truck F Series Super Duty diesel Ford can get superior performance thanks to an upgrade free of software installed by the dealer in the control module powertrain truck.

• The Super Duty F-350 is gaining ground in matters of towing and payload compared to the Silverado 3500 When it comes to capability, Super Duty offers a choice without compromise -. Whether the F-250, F -350, F-450 or F-550.

• The engine Super Duty 6.7L diesel now offers an improved fuel economy by 20 percent compared to previous engines, according to road tests made by Ford on Ford models 2011 and 2010 provided a comparable equipment.

The Ford company start this week the production of the most powerful diesel engine ever installed in a service truck drive. The announcement was made today by Barb Samardzich, vice-president of powertrain engineering, at a conference of the automotive industry.

Launched in April, the Power Stroke V8 turbodiesel 6.7L that powers the F Series Super Duty 2011 Ford will be a level to be the best endowed torque in its class with 800 lb-ft and power 400 horses.

"While these figures are impressive, but this is not why they are important," stated Barb Samardzich. "These figures are important because our customers say they are. Increased torque means that fleet operators, such as the electric company Florida Power & Light, can drive through deep swamps and get faster and more confidently to the power lines which are onshore. This means that teams of oil and gas operations in the Northwest can tow up to the top of a slope (2.4 km) 8,000 feet maintaining a constant speed and using less fuel. "

With a loyalty program for customers is a first in the industry, Ford will offer free upgrades, power level to all current owners of diesel Super Duty trucks 2011. Customers will receive a letter explaining the procedure, namely an upgrade of the software installed in the module powertrain control of the truck, and inviting them to go to their dealer to perform the upgrading.

The development program has level begin by August 31. The 2011 Super Duty diesel trucks that are in stock dealers will also benefit from the upgrading.

A rigorous testing protocol that included a validation computer, laboratory and on the road, has confirmed a durability of 400,000 km (250,000 mi) of components and systems for the new Power Stroke engine. These rigorous tests pave the way for increased capacity of the 2011 Super Duty.

"We know that the durability and reliability are central concerns of buyers Super Duty, the same as the torque and power; so we took a conservative approach to ensure that the new Power Stroke is absolutely foolproof, while offering power improved considerably, "stated Chris Brewer, chief engineer of the 2011 Super Duty.

New methods of design and engineering of Ford allow us to build from a solid platform

The new Power Stroke is a full redesign that combines the best of proven technologies to new-patented strategies validated by a program grows laboratory tests and actual situation in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Among the advantages of the new superiors V8 turbodiesel 6.7L Power Stroke, retain:

o First cylinder block cast vermicular graphite has never implanted in a Super Duty in North America; more resistant than ordinary cast iron, vermicular graphite cast iron has been used successfully by Ford around the world for the production of engine blocks. The block structure was optimized in order to alleviate and maximize resistance to enable it to manage the constraints imposed by increased torque and power.

o The unique architecture with inside exhaust manifold and intake manifold Outside, a first in the automotive industry for modern diesel engines, reduces the volume of the entire circuit exhaust, which promotes better reaction in acceleration; the reduction of surface contact with the exhaust gas also helped to limit the heat transfer to the engine compartment and reduce noise and vibration.

o This new architecture facilitates maintenance and repair of main engine components, which should reduce the immobilization of vehicles over time. In case of failure of the turbocharger, for example, it is not necessary to file the body / cab chassis to access the turbo; similarly, the high pressure supply pump, the circuit components of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and thermostats are directly accessible from the front of the vehicle.

o DualBoost VNTMC turbocharger (variable turbine geometry) Honeywell has a compressor wheel double-sided in one case, a first in the industry. The assembly is mounted in the center of a carrier is in the lower part at the back of the V engine, a solution aimed at reducing noise and vibration. This design allows the single turbocharger to deliver the benefits of a twin-turbo in a more compact and efficient module that combines the virtues of a small turbocharger (faster reaction) and those of a large turbocharger (ability to increase compression and blowing air into the engine for more power) in one and the same set.

o The high-pressure Bosch fuel system injects fuel at a pressure of up to more than 29,000 lb/po2. It provides up to five injections per cycle per cylinder using Piezoelectric injectors eight holes that spray fuel on the head of the piston. The circuit has direct injection is calibrated and adjusted to optimize power, fuel economy and the reduction of noise and vibration.

o The cylinder heads are made of aluminum in order relievers; the configuration in the middle of the cylinder block water jacket has dual resistance increases and optimizes cooling of the block; In addition, the use of six bolts instead of four normally used on other engines improves the sealing cylinder head and preserve the integrity of the cylinders.

o The engine can run on biodiesel blends up to B20, which allows the use of more ecological fuel options including up to 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel.

The new Super Duty debuted not only with a new diesel engine, but with a new six-speed automatic transmission Heavy Duty TorqShiftMC. As the engineers were experimenting with the new powertrain, they continued to put to the test the components of the system, a check on the data in search and optimization.

More power and better fuel economy

The fuel economy should also be improved by at least 2%, making the diesel engine 6.7L Power Stroke Truck Series F Super Duty 2011 20% more fuel efficient than the model 2010. Improvement torque and power, for example, means that a driver can switch to a higher gear faster and stay longer, which contributes to a fuel economy.

"Our test procedure shows us that we could push the limits of the equipment a little further stated Chris Brewer; Again, we wanted to ensure that our customers receive an outstanding engine in all its main features: durability, reliability, power, performance and fuel economy. "

The performance improvement will be evident in situations Overtake road or towing a heavy load on a steep slope. When towing, the motor torque increases will allow the vehicle to remain at a higher speed longer, which will reduce the speed changes and keep the engine speed low for better fuel economy and noise reduction.

Better ability of the category for models F-350 has come

In the future, the model F-350 dual rear wheels (DRW) will include upgrades to the vehicle so that the maximum payload and towing maximum with fifth are the best in the category. Steel has very high resistance in the framework will increase the payload capacity and towing as follows:

o Maximum payload of the model F-350 DRW 3207 kg (7070 lb)

o Towing with maximum harness the model F-350 DRW of 10,251 kg (22,600 lb)

"Buyers configuration has dual rear wheels of the model F-350 push their vehicle to the limit and are the largest users of payload and towing, explained Chris Brewer. And, as with upgrades, level diesel engine, we believe we could push the Super Duty further and increase its capacity. The increase in torque and power makes the task much easier. "

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