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Mercedes-Benz E-Class family: The last family member

After having declinations sells sedan, cut and E-Class Cabriolet, Mercedes-Benz PREPARES ay add the wagon. In the German automaker wants ca term family said a car with functionality and versatility are known to be of references on the subject, the volume loading is more than generous, even if the seat is used. A family-type car conceived by the brand the star silver has an elegant and graceful silhouette. In addition, the elongated rear section of the car's mission is to grant the most generous cargo space possible for a car in this niche.

Only works for the Canadian version 'E350 4MATIC is available. Under the hood is the indestructible 3.5-liter V6 engine that develops a power of 268 horses. For instance, it is an automatic transmission coupling has seven reports most sophisticated, CALLED '7 G-TRONIC. According to the data of the manufacturer, this large family premium is able to offer an average fuel economy ESTIMATED AT 10.9 li/100 km (26 mpg).

The Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC 2011 family will be available from us starting in June. Its starting price is fixed at $ 66,900.

For more details, here is the press release issued by Mercedes-Benz Canada.


The E-Class wagon 2011: intelligent design and avant-garde more versatility and security practices for the category

• Functionality: the reference in terms of cargo volume and versatility

• Safety: nine airbags and innovative series systems support the conduct

• Comfort: adaptive damping and self-leveling rear suspension

Toronto, ON - Mercedes-Benz will further expand the E-Class family in June with the launch of the E 350 4MATIC family, the last of the range of models of Class E. The E-Class wagon combines elegant design and leadership matter of safety, comfort, quality and functionality. The new E-Class boasts a number of technical no other car in this category offers innovations at the present time, the detection of drowsiness to automatic emergency braking when an accident is judge imminent. The E-Class wagon is naturally equipped with all these sophisticated innovations with the addition of a new single management system of the load compartment and a third row of seats for children series that also contribute to distinguish competing models.

Since the launch of the first family in 1977, over one million customers have enthusiastically adopted this concept, which is the most convenient driving a luxury sedan Mercedes-Benz way. This success story should now continue with the fifth generation of the family of Class E.

Design: new Mercedes claw combined with the style of the E-Class

The results of the new sedan and the new cut to AutoBild Design Awards 2009 show was how sublime lines of the E-Class were well received with more than 100,000 readers of this German motoring publication has been voted the four-door model as being the most beautiful car in the world and assigns the first place to model two doors in the category of cuts / convertibles.

Athletic and practice at first, the new E-Class family also provides a sense of serenity and security. Its unique design is based on the new Mercedes-Benz style that debuted with the S-Class and now also found in the C-Class One of its main features is the interplay between lines and surfaces which are delimited by concave dynamic edges and contours of the structures. In Canada, the AMG style is part of the series of equipment to add to the attraction exercised by the family of Class E.

Seen in profile, the new E-Class family is characterized by many new factors, leaving no doubt as to his identity. The B and C seem to blend in grace lines has glossy black trim panels that give the impression that the lateral windows form a single unit. This creates an expressive arc from A-pillar to the dramatic roof line and D-pillar that tapers down, all resting on the athletic shoulder line of the family. The design of the door sill panels, which are very discrete in the center, but show a contour brand that captures the light at the wheel arches, accentuates the overall effect gives the entering side view. This impression is reinforced by the slender muscled and appearing on the back part which is in front of the rear wheel line.

Drawing the back part, the designers have taken great care to express the practical character of the new model by emphasizing horizontal lines. One of the most striking examples attest is formed by the rear lights and tailgate chrome handle strip. The new LED taillights are characterized by a unique two-piece design and create a visual continuity of the edge in the tailgate. The amount D, which refines from the roof to the beltline contributes to make the tailgate particularly large. Overall, the most recent member of the E-Class family is the largest family of premium segment cars.

Functionality: the reference in terms of cargo volume and versatility

A really particular feature of the system of management of the load compartment is optional automatic tailgate opening EASY-PACK series using the ignition key or pressing the handle if the car needs to be charged by the back . The innovative system fallback ("QuickFold") allows to fold the rear seatbacks has 1/3-2/3 configuration by pulling a cable from the load compartment. Neither the head restraints nor the rear seats cushions do not need to be adjusted beforehand or replies. Another feature useful: it can be folded either section left or right folder, or both simultaneously. This allows passengers to use the rear seats even when carrying long and bulky items. Sections of the file can also be unlocked and folded down by the coast, along the C-pillar

The family is also equipped, serial, a cargo cover a couple net easy to use restraint which has been fixed for the first time at the waistline. The combination cache-bagages/filet is easier to install and remove in various positions, both from the luggage compartment from the passenger compartment. At the same time, it no longer interferes with the withdrawal of rear seatbacks forward. The retaining net and cargo cover can also be used when transporting bulky objects; then just attach the folded records.

With a loading capacity of up to 1950 liters, the new family of E-Class (length / width / height: 4 895/1 854/1 512 millimeters) establishes the standard in its category. Apart from the ability of the load compartment, other dimensions with decisive implications in practice, such as opening rear, the height of the loading sill and maximum load length, prove that the Mercedes-Benz engineers have taken account a myriad of important factors in finalizing the avant-garde design of the E-Class family

The cargo compartment is not the only place where the generous dimensions of the previous model have been further improved. Two examples in the interior attest: the elbow width in the rear has been increased by 51 millimeters and 1505 millimeters passer, and space for the head in the back with the large sunroof tilt / slide serial in place has also been increased by 46 millimeters to 1010 millimeters reach.

In Canada, the E-Class wagon is equipped with an outstanding management system of cargo space, which includes the electric EASY-PACK tailgate which automatically raises the luggage compartment cover. When the tailgate is opened, the load compartment cover automatically straightens not gener loading or unloading. Staffing series also includes a retaining net, which is coupled to the cargo cover and a fixed discreetly height of the waistline. Conceived in order to accommodate two additional passengers whose weight and height respectively do not exceed 50 kg 140 cm, the folding bench series to the load compartment is also a specificity of family in this segment of vehicles.

Safety: nine airbags and innovative series systems support the conduct

Mercedes-Benz has further strengthened its position as a leader in the field of safety with the new E-Class family in fact, a multitude of systems to aid the new or improved driving aim to prevent accidents or at least , to reduce the severity of impact. These include the detection system ATTENTION ASSIST serial, close the regulator Distronic PLUS option and the PRE-SAFE ® Brake, which can initiate a partial or full emergency braking autonomously. In addition, power seats serial shall ensure that the driver and front passenger occupying a comfortable and optimal position.

With nine airbags, four belt tensioners and belt force limiters, plus active head restraints NECK-PRO for the driver and front passenger, the new E-Class offers a variety of safety equipment still more comprehensive than its predecessor. The airbags, which can deploy in milliseconds in the event of an accident, include two adaptive cushions for the driver and front passenger, a knee for the driver, two incorporated lateral cushions front seat backrests and two large cushions curtains that extend from A-pillar to C-pillar during a lateral impact. Pelvic airbags for front occupants are also included for the first time; they reduce the loads exerted on the pelvic area, especially during a lateral collision.

Suspension: self-leveling at the rear of series

Aboard the family, exceptional comfort on long journeys is provided by the DIRECT CONTROL suspension recently developed, which includes adaptive damping system serial. The self-leveling rear suspension automatic, also serial, shall ensure that the family maintains a constant ground clearance, even at full load. The adjustment of the suspension also been adapted to the modified geometry of the body, and, using a slightly stiffer shock absorbers of and stabilizers torsion bar. This makes the E-Class wagon as agile as the sedan, without compromising in terms of road noise and tire vibrations.

To optimize the axle kinematics, minimizing vibration that affect comfort and improve security, the lowest of the three arms of the front suspension McPherson struts consists of two separate elements that play the role of leg and twisting transverse arm. In addition to a precise wheel location, this design presents the advantage of better compensating vibrations caused by the unbalanced tires or the variation of the braking force as triangles rigid suspension.

To provide additional comfort and agility, the independent multi-link suspension that has been used successfully for over 25 years has been modified for the new E-Class The changes made include the crossbar before the axle housing, now supported by a larger portion of the chassis. This reduces the forces transmitted to the cockpit, a feature of comfort particularly appreciable when the car crosses the transverse joints of road surface.


Fuel consumption and emissions of the new E-Class family have been greatly reduced by many targeted improvements (aerodynamics weight, energy management, reduction of forces of resistance). In Canada, family E 350 4MATIC is powered by a 3.5 L V6 engine that develops an output of 268 hp and with the Combined fuel consumption is 10.9 l/100 km (12.8 l/100 km city and 8.6 l/100 km on the highway). Automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC 7 ensures gear changes smooth and minimization of fuel consumption, while the permanent 4MATIC AWD enhances stability and mastery in all weather conditions.

Availability and prices

Family Mercedes-Benz E 350 4MATIC 2011 will be on sale at Mercedes-Benz dealerships across Canada in June 2010, from $ 66,900.

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