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Land Rover compact, hybrid and front-wheel drive

The engineers of the British manufacturer Land Rover, now owned by the Indian Tata, are working to develop a compact hybrid SUV FWD. A big first for Land Rover and abandons his loyalty to a cog-wheel drive.

In addition, this compact model will have hybrid drive BASED diesel engine combined with an electric motor fed by a lithium-ion battery. The LRX concept is the basis for development of this new model should be marketed in the year 2011 with atmospheric engines and versions offered in two or four wheel drive. The hybrid drive version will follow in 2013. Finally, it could be that all Land Rover models can benefit from a hybrid powertrain.

This would allow the manufacturer to offer vehicles with lower CO2 emanations has 100g/km.

Land Rover compact, hybrid and front-wheel drive picture #1

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