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Televised advertising of destiny SAAQ for motorcyclists "Virage deadly left"

This year, it was with the arrival of the beautiful days of early spring began a new season for motorcycle enthusiasts. While many riders already run for a few weeks on the roads of Quebec, the Company automobile insurance du Quebec (SAAQ) has launched a new television advertising under the theme "Turn left mortal." This advertisement is open to both motorcyclists and motorists. It will be broadcast on the major television channels from April 5 to May 2, 2010. It can also be viewed on the website of the SAAQ, the

The advertisement shows, at first, an accident occurs at an intersection in an urban environment. A motorist turns left when the traffic light turns green, and will cut off a motorcyclist who comes quickly to his right and he has not seen. Motorcyclist collides the right side of the car. In a second time, the image freezes, then the accident is seen running back. Then the stage of recovery is beginning, but this time without accident because the driver can see the motorcyclist in time. A voiceover said: "Drivers, look better there may be a motorcycle is coming Motorcyclists, observe speed limits give you more time for others to see you...."

In advertising, the story ends well. In reality, this is unfortunately not always the case. Intersections are places at risk, particularly for motorcyclists. In fact, nearly 40% of fatal collisions involving a motorcycle and a car occurred at intersections, while the driver of the car failed to give way to the motorcyclist. One of the problems encountered is the visibility, especially during lateral collisions while the driver (often a motorist) that rotates left not cede the passage motorcyclist who arrives at his right because he saw too late or not at all. Often, the speed of the motorcyclist is the cause.

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Televised advertising of destiny SAAQ for motorcyclists "Virage deadly left" picture #1

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