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Ford Police Interceptor Concept: Station has you!

The Ford Crown Victoria is still and always survive to the police. Thus, the latter remains the car predilection Ford to serve as a basis for development of cars specially adapted to the needs of police.

Thus, the manufacturer presented today, its called "Interceptor Concept" version, which includes many technologies that surpass even some approaches that we find in some American films, and that's saying something.

Here also the press release issued by Ford this topic:



• Ford launches its new Police Interceptor, specifically conceived and built to exceed the durability, safety and performance of the most popular today policiere car - the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

• The new Ford Police Interceptor sedan will offer a choice of two fuel-efficient powertrains - including EcoBoost and AWD - and a full range of security technologies. In addition, its interior has been designed to meet the specific needs of various police forces.

• The new Police Interceptor Ford will be offered without interruption when production ceases Ford Crown Victoria in late 2011.

• Ford confirms production of another Police Interceptor, a utility vehicle equipped for the prosecution, which will add to the sedan; this car will be unveiled later this year.

Today, Ford presented its new Police Interceptor. Destinee to various police forces, this sedan is specifically designed and built to exceed the durability, safety, performance and fuel economy of the most popular policiere car on the market - the Ford Crown Victoria. Ford also confirmed the production of a Police Interceptor utility vehicle.

Ford, the leader in matters of police vehicles for 15 years, was specifically designed and built a new Police Interceptor perfectly suited to the rigors of police work. In addition, it provides powertrain, a safety and technological innovations of the industry in mind. Also, Ford will add another product to its range Police Interceptor, a utility vehicle, allowing customers to choose the one that best suits their needs.

More details will give during the third quarter of this year.

According to Mark Fields, Ford president of the Americas, "both Canada and the United States, police have requested a new tool in their struggle to ensure the safety of the public and Ford agrees by providing a vehicle specifically adapted to their needs, designed and built in North America and as dynamic as durable. "

By creating this new Police Interceptor, Ford engineers have worked closely with the police advisory board, as professionals in law enforcement, which made recommendations on important factors such as safety, performance, durability , driver comfort and functionality.

According to Scott Tobin, Director, range of cars and crossover vehicles Ford: "Their opinion was very important for Ford. The safety and durability were at the top of their list. So we put the safety and durability in mind from ours. "

Focus on safety

To maintain its leadership position, Ford has designed its new Police Interceptor to withstand trials rear collision at a speed of 75 mi / h. The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is currently the only sedan prosecution succeed this test. The new Police Interceptor also offers the security system at the pavilion - a system of protection has exclusive Ford, characterized by the lateral curtain airbags that help better protect occupants in the front seats and rear lateral rollover and lateral collision. The multiple side-curtain airbags use a technology exclusive to Ford, which allows their progress between the occupant and the side windows.

More power and more refinement

The strategy-engine Ford Police Interceptor for its is based on a range of V6 engines whose performance are equal or even superior to those of V8 engines. This range offers two powertrains, allowing police to choose the one that best meets their needs. A very efficient V6 3.5 L, developping a power of at least 263 hp, is compatible with E85 fuel and is 25 percent more efficient than the V8 4.6L engine has single camshaft in head (SACT) currently available in the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

In addition, a brand-new V6 EcoBoost 3.5-liter biturbo has direct fuel injection, offer at least 365 hp power and 350 lb-ft of torque over a range of extended diet. Mr. Tobin added: "We offer extremely powerful engine series and, in addition, we also offer our exclusive EcoBoost technology. Both engines are designed for heavy duty, be required by the police every day. "

Grace EcoBoost, Ford offers municipalities and administrators to police the parks first vehicle tracking has both extremely efficient and ecological. With superior performance to those of police cars engine normally draws V8 and fuel economy and emissions comparable V6 engine series CO2 EcoBoost technology allows police services to taxpayers they serve and the environment they help collectively to preserve to be three times winners.

A 6-speed automatic transmission SelectShiftMC high capacity transmits power EcoBoost the floor through an advanced integral traction torque sensitive. Mr. Fields continued: "Ford is still committed to being a leader in the market for police vehicles and our new Police Interceptor demonstrates the level of engineering and innovation that Ford is ready to invest to meet the needs of those individuals and those that protect and serve communities throughout North America. "

Rigorous testing of the police service

Throughout its development, the new Police Interceptor Ford has undergone a battery of extremely rigorous testing to ensure that its various components could resist styles intensive police conduct.

Certification tests, designed by officers of the State of Michigan and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department services, assess the sustainability and capacity of the vehicle by pushing its various systems to their limits for nearly 90 minutes - far surpassing daily requirements of most police cars. Size and performance brakes have been increased to meet the rigors of the durability testing. The cooling system is specifically designed with a heavy-duty alternator and larger radiator capacity. Its grille is honeycomb is designed to work in conjunction with the interior components, offering more air circulation around the vehicle. In addition, steel rims 18 inches, serial, ventilated and are designed to work together with the enhanced braking system.

According to Carl Widman, Director, Vehicle Engineering: "This vehicle is ready for the prosecution; this is a real working tool of a bumper bumper. "

Functionality, both inside and outside

There also has special characteristics in the cockpit. According to Ken Czubay, vice president, marketing, sales and after-sales service at Ford: "About 90 percent of the interior has been redesigned to meet the specific needs of our police customers. "

The front seats have been specifically designed without lower supports to better adapt to police utility belts. Skid plates were inserted in the files to ensure the best possible protection for front occupants. At the rear, the seat vinyl Police Interceptor has been optimized to meet the specific needs of police officers. It is specifically sculpted and secluded to increase space in the second row and so maximize legroom. The hinges of the rear doors are amended to open 10 degrees compared to more traditional doors. The Ford Police Interceptor also is equipped with a lever on column specifically designed for the region of the console to accommodate the ever-growing equipment 2nd rises allowing the police to do their job quantity.

The new vehicle also offers:

• Information System Blind Spot (BLIS ®): This system uses two radar sensors integrated in the rear quarter panels to detect vehicles in the surrounding lanes. If a vehicle enters the driver's blind spot, the system warns the witness by a warning in the lateral mirror.

• Cross Traffic Alert: This system uses radar modules information system BLIS (BLIS) to capture any cross traffic when slowly back one parking space. This system, in exclusivity in the industry, only works when the vehicle is running back and prevents the driver approaching cross traffic according to a distance corresponding to the width of three vehicles.

• Rear view camera: When the vehicle is reverse camera mode, a color image, with indicators in the mirror will help the driver back.

• Reverse Sensing System: a tone warns the driver of the presence of certain objects up to 6 feet behind the vehicle.

• Electronic Stability Control AdvanceTrac ® serial: this system helps maintain the planned measuring yaw or skid lateral trajectory, according to vehicle speed, throttle position and steering wheel angle. When wheel slippage is detected, the system reduces engine torque and applies the brakes selectively.

• Ford SYNC ®: hands-free information system exclusive Ford can be customize and reconfigure to work specifically with the equipment mounted police second, as the light bar and siren, allowing agents to focus on their work.

The new Ford Police Interceptor sedan will be built at the factory mounting Ford Chicago and will be offered without interruption when production ceases Crown Victoria Police Interceptor in late 2011.

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