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Scott Niedermayer, a friendly hockey environment

The captain of the Anaheim Ducks, who will also as captain of the Canadian hockey team for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver is an environmentalist, a proof, Honda is just delivered her a new car, FCX Clarity . An electric car a fuel cell that supplies hydrogen.

Although today p'tite Niedermayer family lives in Orange County, California, it is from Cranbrook Colomie Columbia, a beautiful part of the country it has always had a deep respect for the environment and in all its forms.

Today, there are some that allow infrastructues a rare owners of cars battery is burning, can refuel through stations reserved for this purpose. Some European countries have such infrastructure, while in America, it is in California found that the more. That is why, the capital of the Anaheim Ducks was able to obtain a car also enjoying a novel technological approach.

Here is the press release issued to this effect:


Honda Delivers FCX Clarity electric car has fuel cell, the captain of Team Canada Hockey Olympics 2010 Scott Niedermayer

The captain of the Anaheim Ducks, environmentalist and quadruple laureate Stanley Cup became the first professional athlete to rent the vehicle has zero Emission Honda

ANAHEIM, CA, January 7 - Honda Delivers FCX Clarity electric vehicle is its fuel cell powered by hydrogen and zero-emission, has its most recent customer: the captain of Team Canada Hockey Olympics 2010 Scott Niedermayer. Also captain of the Anaheim Ducks in the National Hockey League, Niedermayer is a leader both on and off the ice is working at promoting a sustainable lifestyle of the environment and the protection of natural resources .

"My love of nature and the outdoors has developed in my youth in Canada, and I hope that generations after me will also enjoy nature," said a hockey player. "It is thanks to what we do every day, as does driving a zero-emission vehicle as the Honda FCX Clarity, that we will materialize this dream. "

The Honda FCX Clarity, which produces electricity with hydrogen through the intermediary of the innovative assembly fuel cell Honda V Flow, emits only water vapor in the air. This vehicle is distinguished by its remarkably outstanding performance, futuristic sedan profile and range of up to 400 km. In addition, the FCX Clarity energy efficiency three times greater than that of a comparable gasoline car modern.

"The Honda FCX Clarity concretely illustrates our overall commitment to develop zero-emission vehicles," says Jerry has Chenkin, Executive Vice President of Honda Canada Inc. "The introduction of the Honda FCX Clarity by personalities like Scott Niedermayer is an excellent way to reach a new audience, which we hope, raise awareness of other people to the importance of choosing a lifestyle and environment friendly products. "

Niedermayer and his wife, Lisa, live in Orange County, California with their four son. The Niedermayer like to do outdoor activities with family, such as camping and mountain biking. Inspired by their love of nature, they decided to adopt a more ecological way of life by making certain changes, such as adding insulation in the walls of their homes and the installation of anti-radiation layer on the roof to preserve energy. Niedermayer, a native of Cranbrook, British Columbia, practice already carpooling with his teammates to go to games and strives to promote recycling in the locker room.

Over the past seven years, the electric fuel cell vehicles has advanced Honda have been tried and tested with various fleet users and buyers in detail, as part of several partnerships. In Southern California service stations for vehicles powered by hydrogen are few, but more and most widespread. They provide a source of supply of clean, local or vehicles can refuel in about five minutes. Honda has extensive experience with the launch of several generations of technology of electric vehicle a fuel cell, the ultimate goal being the manufacturer to proceed with the marketing of large-scale fuel cell vehicles has and issuance zero.

The Honda FCX Clarity was named "World Green Car" of 2009 as part of the International Auto Show in New York. She was chosen from an initial list of 22 candidates PROPOSED 59 automotive specialists from 25 different countries.

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