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Chevrolet Volt: in search of a horn

General Motors and the 'National Federation of the Blind' collaborate closely to develop a buzzer on, intended to alert the blind and other pedestrians when electric and hybrid vehicles silent approach.

"We are convinced that electric cars can also emit an audible signal, reliable and acceptable to signal their presence to pedestrians blind," said John Pare of the NFB. "We aim to collaborate with Chevrolet and GM to select the adequate sound to achieve the desired result with a noise nuisance as low as possible."

NFB and engineers from Chevrolet launched earlier this year the first preparations for an overview of the needs of pedestrian safety, cyclists, children, runners and other traffic participants.

Different members of the NFB were recently present at the demonstration an alarm for pedestrians buildup on a preproduction Chevrolet Volt, which runs a variety of speeds. Tests were performed at this occasion with horns all the dimensions of the car.

"We still have important information dating from the era of our first electric car, the EV1 model, with regard to the warning of pedestrians," added the chief engineer Andrew Farah. "The most important thing is to listen to the people who matter the cars in their daily lives."

A recent report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA, National Administration for the safety of traffic on motorways) showed that the silent operation of hybrid cars is a problem for all pedestrians, not only for the affected users of visually impaired. In some situations, electric or hybrid vehicles can be twice involved in accidents.

"The 'National Federation of the Blind' attaches great importance to the cooperation with General Motors and Chevrolet for this problematic," said Dr. Marc Maurer, President of the 'National Federation of the Blind.

The 'National Federation of the Blind' has more than 50,000 members in America.

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