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Daimler is looking for a partner

With the rise in popularity of subcompact cars and compact categories, including those who boast of being luxury and are currently available or about to be offered to the general public, we see several manufacturers seek or partners. An approach that will allow them to jointly develop compact cars, while being able to reduce the costs of such investments.

Daimler AG, owner among other Mercedes-Benz and Smart brands, is one of those manufacturers seeking partners to develop new small cars, more economical and cleaner.

Between small and large

Develop new vehicles, whether large or small, it costs as much to develop and whose profit margins will be thinner, here is a reality which brings large and small manufacturers has collude to reduce their costs of development and production.

If Audi and Porsche Volkswagen can count on to help produce a compact luxury car that BMW did the same with its Mini brand and Lexus now developed a compact luxury led by Toyota, it is not the same for Daimler AG can rely on the assistance of its Smart division to deal with the development of the next generation of its small Mercedes-Benz Class A and B.

Seeking the best partner

The big boss of the group, very charismatic Dieter Zetsche confirmed very recently be discussed in the french Renault and other manufacturers had to create a design alliance to reduce the production costs of future small cars, including Smart.

The last hope, since time is short, an agreement in the first half of 2010 with a partner, too, can benefit from such a collaboration.

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