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2011 Audi A8 unveiling global internet

Now that all its main rivals have been completely revised and corrected, such as the BMW Series 7, Lexus LS460 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, it was quite normal that the big sedan Audi A8 can also enjoy an overhaul . It is now done and the direction of the manufacturer rings just us unveil through the internet technology.

At Audi, we chose the Museum of Art of Progress' Miami and property of the manufacturer to the global presentation of the 4th version of their flagship, taking into account that the latter appeared in 1988 under the name Audi V8. The latter was replaced in 1993 by the first A8 and it was only ten years later that the 2nd generation of the A8 CALLED large sedan was introduced in the global automotive markets.

Today, we witness the unveiling of a brand new Audi A8, which was the first car in the world, called series, to use a frame made entirely of aluminum, in a technological approach called 'Audi Space Frame "(ASF). Besides, I had the pleasure of attending in 1993, the International Motor Show in Frankfurt unveiling, its world premiere of the Concept sedan Audi ASF, on which it was based to develop the first Audi A8.

True to the brand image

The big Audi A8 2011 announcement relatively near silhouette than its predecessor, but multi subtleties which give it a body has both slimmer and massive, even more elegance.

Its famous grid 'Single Frame' here takes the gallon, its design is more striking, even a soft aggressiveness. In its dimensions, the new completely redesigned headlights and include a like new products of the brand, a band of LED beams. Note that it is the same position lights at the rear of the car. Its bumpers further expanded, contributing among other things to grant him this rather massive style.

Although these dimensions have gained a few more millimeters across, this new declination of the large sedan Ingolstadt does not present a weight allege least 20% over that of the previous, or a loss of 30 kg . Always thanks to the constant evolution that is dedicated to technology ASF.

A techno cockpit

The large sedan Audi A8 is parte of these exceptional cars that allow any time five passengers to be seated in a plush interior more or comfort is highly prized, as well as enjoy advanced technology from the most advanced industry, particularly in terms of new approaches multimedia.

These so-called multimedia technologies are Controlled by a new MMI system, extremely powerful and complex. Whether fans are loud music, although it is not the first clientele for a car of this category can fall back on a sound system Bang & Olufsen label only 1400 watts distributed through speakers placed all around 19 the cockpit.

Although redesigned, the new dashboard is reminiscent of some differences, the ergonomic approach of its predecessor.

More powerful and efficient engines

For some time, we see that all, really all new vehicles that we are REVEALED beneficient new engines that say both more powerful and more economical. And the new Audi A8 is far from being an exception to this rule. But for the vast majority of these new products, it is indeed a healthy improvement over the data of the models they replace, but without becoming highly ecological vehicles ...

For us, this 2011 Audi A8 will benefit from its entry-level 4.2-liter V8 indestructible ISPs. It gains 20 hp for a total power of 372 horses. Despite this gain, the data of the manufacturer announced a better average fuel consumption that establishes a li/100 9.5 km. Its torque is 328 lb-ft reached 3 500 r / min. Farewell to the automatic transmission only six reports, which gives way to an automatic transmission sophisticated eight reports.

Rating performance, this massive sedan announced accelerations from 0 to 100 km / h in only 5.7 seconds.

In Europe, the 4.2-liter V8 engine is obviously offered TDI version. He also sees his enhanced power from a 350 horsepower, a gain of 24 hp. Still on the old continent, they will be followed by two new engines 3.0-liter V6 TDI, the respective powers are 250 and 204 horses. Regarding the latter, it will be associated to a Stop & Start system, thus allowing the car to offer a high consumption of only 6 km li/100.

A very articulee geometry

The newcomer remains faithful to the air suspension has an associated dynamic damping. Everything that exists in matters of technological aids driving are presented, almost. Some available serial and other options.

In America, only the AWD versions are available.

The new Audi A8 in its 2011 edition, will be available somewhere in 2010, just after its unveiling to the public in January at the International Motor Show in Detroit. Follow thereafter, the inevitable version wheelbase lengthens. A declination S8 V10 engine will likely be offered in 2011 ...

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