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The Flying Gold: prefer German German

Each year, the editors of the popular German magazine Auto Bild tabloid Bild and am Sonntag reveal the names of the vehicles that have merits the title 'Golden Steering Wheel' in six preset categories.

The jury consists of fifty people, which include racing drivers, journalists and engineers in mechanical annually choosing the best vehicles available on the German auto chessboard.

Furthermore, the 18 vehicles nominated by the jury, the public is invited to vote through magazines publishing giant Axel Springer, for their 'dream car.

Finally, the organizers of this highly publicized competition in European ground, give the elect 'Man of the year "mission, one that is the most famous, for its decision-making and its various approaches that have permit his business prosper.

Here is the list of 'Golden Wheels' 2010:

Breaks: Volkswagen Polo

Sedans and compact: Opel Astra

MPV / ludospaces: Renault Scenic

Familiar / & Roads: Audi A5 Sportback

Luxury sedans: Porsche Panamera

Green car: Toyota Prius tied with the VW Polo BlueMotion

This year, the stunning Mercedes-Benz SLS, with its butterfly type doors, was declared 'dream car' Germans. It was preferred to the Audi R8 Spyder, while Aston Martin One 77 al went in the third position.

The title of 'Man of the Year' was awarded to Luca Di Montezemolo, President of the Italian giant Fiat and the prestigious Ferrari.

The Flying Gold: prefer German German picture #1

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