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Chevrolet Equinox fuel cell for Vancouver Olympics

Park Equinox fuel cell vehicles Chevrolet will greener Olympic Winter Games 2010

Park leads zero emission vehicles has the objectives of environmental sustainability drawn up by VANOC

Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to be held in Vancouver in 2010 became greener today, so that was launched park vehicles demonstration Equinox fuel cell Chevrolet vehicles that will be in office until the end of the Games.

Today, four Equinox fuel cell are ready for a test drive, and over the next few weeks, four other vehicles will be also. These fuel cell vehicles used to transport more persons, including representatives of the organizing committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter 2010 (VANOC), personnel information, athletes, government delegates and drivers, so that they can take full advantage of the benefits of a fuel cell vehicle and see the progress made by GM in this area.

"Given that the only emission produced by these vehicles are water vapor, they fully comply with the objectives of sustainability of the environment drawn up by VANOC and they are a great complement to the wide variety of technologies found in the park of vehicles we offer for the 2010 Games, "stated Matt Crossley, director of design for GM Canada. "Sincerely, we are pleased that the people of British Columbia has the scoop this sustainable green technology.

We had the chance to establish a partnership with GM Canada who shares our values ​​of sustainability of the environment, creativity and excellence, "said John Furlong, VANOC CEO. "VANOC is honored to be able to use the Games as a platform to showcase the clean technology of these impressive fuel cell vehicles. "

The Equinox Fuel Cell is designed and manufactured in Canada and is part of the largest fleet of fuel cell vehicles a demonstration to the world. Launched in November 2007 in three cities in the United States, this park consists of 115 Equinox fuel cell Chevrolet. Over 5000 road tests were carried out by consumers since the launch of this park: more than 1.7 million kilometers were traveled, without issuance, which has helped save more than 180,000 liters of fuel.

As a National Partner of the Olympic Winter Games 2010, GM Canada is committed to providing a complete fleet of vehicles respectful of the environment. This park will include 4,600 sedans, passenger vans, SUVs and trucks efficient Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac, of which 30% are equipped with advanced green technologies.

These technologies include hybrid systems, power FlexFuel systems and active fuel management technologies that enable GM vehicles to reduce significant way the emissions of carbon dioxide and making them, has run perfectly adapted to the needs of organizers and volunteers who will use before and during the Olympic Winter Games 2010.

In addition, GM is committed to provide two Chevrolet Volt in February. The Volt is the electric vehicle with extended range Chevrolet, which can travel 65 km before its generatrice takes over for supplying energy.

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