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Honda CR-V 2010: more powerful and thrifty

The new declination popular 2010 Honda CR-V also announced several improvements to its slight facelift include an increase of its kind multimedia systems and engine both more powerful and more thrifty. The LX and EX versions are available with either front-wheel drive or AWD. The premium version EX-L is exclusively AWD. The indestructible four-cylinder engine of 2.4 liters sees its power increase to 180 horsepower, 14 more. Only the automatic transmission has five accompanying reports. This year, he decline in five versions, which owns the most extensive series of a navigation system still sophisticated, which is accompanied by the HandsFreeLink and Bluetooth technologies.

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More perfection and refinement in the Honda CR-V in 2010 thanks to improvements in terms of styling, features and power

The first compact crossover SUV in Canada wins 14 hp and delivers the system HandsFreeLink (TM) Bluetooth (R)

TORONTO, Sept. 23 / CNW / - The new Honda CR-V 2010 has been redesigned to improve both the outside and inside and offer more refinement and new features, better fuel economy and extra power. This compact crossover SUV is selling today at Honda dealerships across Canada has a retail price suggested by the manufacturer (MSRP) as low as $ 27,790, which is the same price as the base model 2009. " The CR-V combines the desired characteristics in a compact car has the functionality of a sport utility vehicle way to offer Canadians an all-weather vehicle with style, but also the power, "he says Jerry Chenkin, Vice director-president of Honda Canada Inc. "The CR-V 2010 offers even greater value thanks to significant new features and improvements."

Among the improvements achieved for External lines include the front fairing which has been rejuvenated thanks to the new design of the grille and bumpers, redesigned the cover and the new shape of the rear bumper. Alloy wheels in 10-spoke serial on EX and EX-L CR-V, replace the alloy wheels has 7 rays previous model. The interior improvements are mainly related to new features and new functions. The handsfree system Bluetooth (R) HandsFreeLink (R) is now included with the navigation system connects satellite Honda (Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System (TM)), the EX version features headlights that turn on and off automatically, and seats before all versions are equipped with a wide center armrest. The improvements to the 2.4-liter engine has 4 cylinders are passing the output power to 180 hp, an increase of 14 hp compared to the CR-V 2009.

Fuel consumption, both in town and on the road is better, 9.8 / 7.1 l/100 km (city / highway) for a two-wheel drive models, and 10.1 / 7.5 l/100 km (city / highway) for models with 4-wheel drive transmission in real time (Real Time (TM) 4WD). The extra power and energy efficiency follows from the increased compression ratio (10:5:1 compared to 9.7:1), injectors who are planning a jet fuel finer, larger intake valves, spark plugs fitted with longer electrodes, piston rings which reduce friction, more accurate timing sensor and a system of exhaust to flow more. Among the wide range of novelties interieures CR-V 2010 include changes to the radio and the layout of controls, the new textures of fabrics for the seats and design interieures door handles which was renewed by a coating rubber.

New trim panels steering wheel, shift lever and upper glove box contribute to enhance the brightness of the interior as a whole. To offer more comfort, the folding center armrests of the seats for the driver and front passenger are now wider. The CR-V comes in five versions: LX and EX are offered with front-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive transmission in real time, while the EX-L is offered with 4WD transmission. Among the elements of the series CR-V LX makes comfort and convenience include the air conditioning system with air filtration, keyless entry, tilt steering column and telescopic, the speed control, ice electric button with lowering and raising of the automatic ice front left, the electric locks on the doors and tailgate, the string sound AM / FM / CD 4 speakers, the consumption meter and ice has tinged the back (novelty).

The equipment series CR-V LX also include alloy wheels 17-inch aluminum (novelty). The CR-V EX offers more a zone automatic climate control system (novelty), an 8-way adjustable driver's seat electric (novelty), lights that turn on and will turn off automatically (novelty), a central console (novelty) , USB (novelty) jack, the mirrors and door handles color-keyed (novelty), an electric sliding roof with a one-touch tilt, grille trim and chrome license plate device, a system security, controls the sound chain driving, storage space has two levels, with a sound chain 6 CD changer in the dashboard and 6 speakers, an indicator of the outside temperature and alloy wheels 10 rays (novelty). As for the CR-V EX-L, it has more of the seats and armrests of leather, heated seats front, a sound chain enhanced with 7 speakers including a subwoofer and XM satellite radio (MD ) (novelty). Optionally, the CR-V EX-L also offers the Honda navigation system connects satellite with bilingual Voice Recognition and rearview camera, Bluetooth hands-free system (R) HandsFreeLink (R) (novelty) and a changer 6 CD in the center console (rather than in the dashboard).

Here is the retail price suggested by the manufacturer for the different versions of the Honda CR-V 2010:

$ 27,790 - CR-V LX (2WD)

$ 29,790 - CR-V LX

$ 30,990 - CR-V EX (2WD)

$ 32,990 - CR-V EX

$ 34,990 - CR-V EX-L

$ 37,090 - CR-V EX-L (with navigation system)

Honda Canada, this year celebrates its 40th anniversary.

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