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The very securiraire Smart Fortwo: the exception that proves the rule

Very recently, it was announced that several small cars were less safe, especially during lateral collisions, but one of them came out of the group by presenting more advanced security indices and the latter was nothing less than the smallest lot or the Smart Fortwo.

Today, we return to the forefront, always with the latter that this time we learned that she had the best score in matters of security in a barrel or overturning of the vehicle, thereby granting him the words of the most solid roof. For more information, here is the press release issued on this subject:


The concept of security ahead of the smart fortwo won the highest rating and the reference to "the strongest roof"

TORONTO, ON - The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the smart fortwo the highest rating in its class for the soundness of its roof. Only vehicle in its segment to obtain the "GOOD", the smart fortwo has clinched the highest rating and was recognized as having the strongest roof among all micro and mini cars competing. In addition, the smart fortwo is also fared better than some larger cars during this same test IIHS and surpasses 12 of the 13 small SUVs previously tested.

According to the IIHS, the solidity of the roof plays a fundamental role in protecting occupants in a rollover. As part of testing the IIHS, the smart fortwo has been a force equal to 5.4 times its weight - so a power superior to the minimum required 4 times the weight of the vehicle - for the "GOOD" . The IIHS states that on a vehicle having won the "GOOD" as the smart fortwo, the occupants incur 50% less risk of serious injury or death as a result of a collision involving a single vehicle that rollover.

Seconded by the Tridion safety cell, the sophisticated management system for the security of the smart fortwo offers the best possible protection in spite of the compact dimensions of the vehicle. This sturdy steel cage surrounds the driver and passenger, and its strong and rigid hull is reinforced by the strategic locations of high strength steel to maximize occupant protection. In addition, many active safety systems including electronic stability program, antilock brakes with electronic distribution of braking force and the hydraulic emergency brake assist helps the driver avoid an accident simply by allowing it to keep control of the vehicle.

"The smart fortwo is already a reference in many ways, but it is particularly respected for its low fuel consumption as a winner, two years on, the price ecoENERGY Natural Resources Canada as the most fuel efficient vehicle in the category of the two places, "stated Marcus Breitschwerdt, president and general director of Mercedes-Benz Canada. "This trial has combined a series of other positive results obtained after a third MADE BY very respected organizations testing confirms what already know more than 15,000 smart owners across Canada: the smart fortwo is a nice, economical and intelligent solution for modern, safe mobility for a world enlightened. "

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