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Subaru unveils pricing for all-new 2010 Legacy

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Subaru Legacy and Outback 2010 shift!

Decidedly, Subaru passes quickly with a large 'V' mode, by presenting us almost in haste its main models in 2010. Thus, after the Forester and Impreza, here it is the turn of the Legacy sedan has to pass the year models-2010. For the occasion, Subaru Canada announces pricing of different versions of this highly enriched range, which henceforth decline in four very different versions, including versions 'PZEV' much more ecological.

Here also, an extract from the press release issued by Subaru canada inc. During the unveiling of the new Subaru Legacy.


Subaru unveils pricing for all-new 2010 Legacy

MISSISSAUGA, ON, July 22. / CNW / - Subaru Canada, Inc. (SCI) today unveiled the pricing of all-new 2010 Legacy In addition to benefit a bolder all generations of Legacy who have larger size and lines. foregoing, the model 2010 provides two new transmissions, namely a 6-speed manual gearbox has an automatic transmission and a CVT Lineartronic.            

For 2010, the Legacy range decline in four versions sedans exception:

-   The Legacy 2.5i 170 hp and well equipped retails from $ 23,995 for the manual transmission version has 6 speed, and $ 25,195 for the automatic transmission model. The Legacy 2.5i can also be improve the latter option groups Sport and Limited, including the new CVT transmission.            

-   The retail price suggested by the manufacturer (MSRP) of the new Legacy PZEV endowed serial transmission CVT Lineartronic is fixed at $ 26,395.            

-   Powerful Legacy 2.5GT turbo 265 hp, equipped with the manual 6-speed gearbox, retails from $ 38,395.            

-   At the top of the range, the Legacy 3.6R model to fit out a new engine 3.6-liter H6, carbide has regular unleaded gasoline, and offers a 5-speed automatic transmission specially calibree with controller of pulse. Its retail price starts $ 31,895. This model can also be improve group options Limited.

"The 2010 Legacy better satisfies the desires of drivers by giving them greater performance, protection, space, energy efficiency, comfort and convenience," said Katsuhiro Yokoyama, president of the board and chief executive officer of SCI. "It's a great car for any occasion - but we believe that its appeal will be even greater in these times or consumers and their families seeking to get the maximum value for the money they are spending."            

Among the novelties convenience is the integration of mobile telephony has voice activation, which allows hands-free communications clear and safe. On Legacy 3.6R and models equipped with the Sport or Limited groups, the BlueConnect voice activation technology allows to make and receive calls without it being necessary to hold the camera in hand and listen without headphones, headset adapter or other vehicle. At start the vehicle, the system automatically recognizes BlueConnect Bluetooth enabled phones. Once the device synchronizes with the system, the owner simply needs to file a mobile phone in the cabin. Connection and transmission are automatically through the system BlueConnect whenever the phone is turned on, and load the scope of reception (about 10 meters).            

The models equipped with the optional Multimedia navigation system Touchscreen beneficient a higher level of convenience. In this system, voice-activated Bluetooth technology displays on screen navigation system of all incoming calls on the mobile phone is compatible. The user can enter his calls through the touch screen, mounted steering wheel buttons or voice commands.

Larger platform, habitability upper

The new platform provides the Legacy habitability which compares to intermediate sedans public, privileged and useful space and driving comfort for long distances. The new Legacy gaining height and width compared to its predecessor, which provides increased untap at the head, the shoulders and hips. The additional untap the legs at the back has been optimized by the curved shape of the back of the new front seats. The total volume for passengers is also higher (2,917 L or 103 ft (3)) to that of many competitors. Legacy of the new generation has a safe among the most spacious in the category (416 L or 14.7 ft (3)) - a noteworthy feat considering the presence of a rear differential and axles in the Legacy.            

And of course, each team of Subaru symmetrical full-time AWD taken constant. The Legacy is the only midsize sedan equipped with such a level of performance and as a security system as standard equipment.            

All models Legacy of the cuvee 2010 equipent the control of vehicle dynamics (VDC), a system that is has both stability and traction. The range is also provided with a series of anti-lock brakes (ABS) has four-wheel disc with electronic force distribution (EBD) and Emergency Brake Assist. Legacy has like all Subaru models, gets year after year excellent crash test results realized by the government and the insurance industry. The 2010 Legacy is designed to provide a higher level of protection to the occupants. The frame structure enhances sophisticated bow-shaped Subaru, proven over a decade in all Subaru models, again forms the basis of the cell protection against impacts and the safety of occupants in this new generation Legacy .            

The range of models Legacy 2010 Team of series of mounted side airbags in the same seats and side curtain airbags that provide front and rear occupants extra protection at the head.

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