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Jaguar XJ 2010, here is the new flagship of the brand Columbia

The current Jaguar XJ has forty-one years of loyal service in the Columbia brand and as flagship. Although in 2003, the current model has been greatly modernized in beneficiant among other things, a structure and an all aluminum body. But she was soon overtaken by the competition, especially German or the so-called prestige cars are still reference and around the world.

Today, the new owner of Jaguar, the Indian company Tata, definitely turn the page for this valiant luxury sedan, by presenting a new version of the Jaguar XJ makes up a superb cup-like sedan four-door that will attract the attention of 'experts' in its path. Its design is a jewel sign Ian callum one to whom we must, among other unique style of the great Aston Martin DB9 whose seductive.

It is a new bumper to the other and at all levels.

Here also the content of the press release issued by the manufacturer:


Aerodynamic, sporty and sophisticated, the new Jaguar XJ brings real innovation in the segment of luxury sedans. It combines amazing resolutely performance, a refined luxury and superb design.

It is the phrase "supreme" a fluid, contemporary style. The stretched form of its lateral windows emphasizes the silhouette and participated in the fluidity of the design. But the fluidity of the new XJ does not limit its aesthetic: it shares with the XF sedan coefficient of drag (Cd) of 0.29, making them the most aerodynamic Jaguar ever built. Under its cutting profile, it hides a more spacious interior, worthy sedans to the more conventional style. It can accommodate five passengers in comfort; the long wheelbase version offers passengers back to increased leg length of 125 mm.

The interior is also distinguished by his sportsmanship. The panoramic glass roof, standard on all models, greatly enhances the feeling of light and space on board. True to its status as a 4-door Jaguar par excellence, the XJ adopts a technology inside "new generation", including a multimedia display and like the combination of virtual instruments and audio surround system up systems range Bowers & Wilkins 1200W (optional).

The new XJ benefited from a more complete version of the structure of exclusive Jaguar mild case. Grace has a job generalized aluminum, but also composite alloys and magnesium, Jaguar was able to create a much more mild body (the lightest in its class) and more robust. This new structure is still based on the same techniques of riveting and bonding borrowed from the aerospace industry. It was further improved by the use of these materials, providing the highest level of strength, refinement and safety.

The new XJ benefited from three powerful and refined engines using the most recent technologies to deliver exceptional performance and uneven performance.

At the top of the range, the AJ-V8 Gen. III supercharged 510 hp is distinguished by its exceptional power and displays an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.9 s.

The range includes also the atmospheric V8 engine 385 hp and remarkable diesel AJ-V6 Gen. III 3.0-liter 275 hp. System with its sequential twin-turbo, this engine offers all the qualities of the Jaguar experience combining spectacular performance (0-100 km / h in 6.4 s) has remarkable levels of consumption and CO2 emissions ( 7.0 l/100 km and 184 g / km).

The driving experience is just as memorable. XJ benefited from technologies introduced on the new XFR and XKR including the continuous variable damping (Adaptive Dynamics), the electronic rear differential control (control system active differential) and low-ratio power steering. All of these technologies combine together to provide a reactive handling and dynamic and refined ride comfort worthy of a Jaguar.

With its exclusive structure lightened aluminum body and evolues powertrains, the new XJ already has a head start in matters of sustainable performance. Its aluminum body is made up more than 50% recycled material, and even Jaguar plans to increase this to 75%. The production of body panels recycled material uses only 5% of the energy required for the production of these same non-recycled aluminum panels, which is equivalent to a potential of one tonne of CO2 per car economy.

The concept

The distinctive lines of the new XJ is the ultimate expression of Jaguar's new language style. The astonishing stretched form of lateral windows tapered silhouette emphasizes the car. It is balanced with its extremely low line originating at the front wheels and also strengthens its allure of power. The aerodynamic lines are enhanced by a line taut waistline, which further accentuates the impression of length and elegance and creates a natural tension in fading the front wheel until the central part of the car before reappear extremely marquee to the rear.

A front bold and assertive

The front of the XJ presage of his character "good temper", with a wide front track and door-to-short overhangs conferring him perfectly balanced proportions. It reflects the new direction of Jaguar design with a bold treatment and says. Its powerful grille and xenon tapered provide him a unique presence on road.

The muscular lower part of the car contrast with the finesse and delicacy of the roofline, inspired by the XJ sedan in 1968. Wraparound rear window reduces the visual weight of the amounts and gives an impression roof "floating" original .

LED lights was spectacular

The rear is characterized by its sculptural form and pure, marked by the voluntary superfluous ornamentation absence. The sheet metal rear panel retains its original form, simply enhanced the leaping Jaguar logo. The LED headlamps has elegantly bite on rear wings, and include three vertical red stripes.

Architectural interior design

The impression of space that emerges from the inside is even amplified by the simple form, elegant and enveloping the board DRESSED edge leather. On either side of the cockpit, architectural woodwork stretching from the gates to reach at the front of the car, enhancing the character of power and dynamism. This modern, linear use of wood contributes to creating a welcoming environment.

The panoramic glass roof has been designed from the outset as an integral part of the new XJ. It allows to receive a small line lower and more aerodynamic roof and enhances the feeling of light and space in the cabin. The roof opening mechanism allows the glass to slide upwards and outwards, a way of not compromising headroom. A hue and Reflective coating limit the rise in temperature in the cabin bright sunshine while two electric blinds enhance the degree of intimacy and protection against the sun.


True to its status as a Jaguar sedan, the new XJ uses for the very first time in new advanced technologies, including displays intended for the driver and multimedia systems, defining new references in its segment.

The new XJ welcomes the driver with a sense of hospitality own a Jaguar: the rotary selector aluminum JaguarDrive Selector ™ is placed directly in the palm of the hand, 3D animations appear on the combines virtual instruments and the central touch screen, showing that the new XJ has benefited from a forward-thinking approach to the display of information in a car.

A sophisticated virtual instrumentation

The new XJ is not endowed with a combination of instruments 'physical' in the proper sense of the term. It is replaced by a high-definition 12.3-inch screen, consists of sophisticated virtual instruments and the neat finish, with all the functions of traditional dials. Jaguar's designers have also been able to exploit the greater freedom provided by virtual instrumentation to give priority to the most useful information and provide theatrical print driver.

At boot of the car, three virtual dials appear before your eyes. In the center, one of which houses the speedometer, the right tachometer and left the details of temperature and fuel level.

Billboard Touchscreen Double vision

A large 8-inch touch screen has integrated the complete center console perfectly combines the virtual instruments, offering the possibility to manage intuitive way other functions of the car, including air conditioning and multimedia systems.

Flexible functionalities based multimedia hard drive

The exceptional flexibility offered by the new display and control systems is equal to that of the multimedia functionalities of the new XJ. According steps and models, the new XJ offers various CD / DVD systems, analog radio receivers, DAB, HD or SiriusTM and digital or analog television.

With a slight body structure and robust, a new generation of high performance engines excellent fuel efficiency and the latest technology in the design of the chassis, the new XJ is a sports sedan resolutely providing exceptional high flying experience unique.

Powerful and refined powertrain

The new XJ benefited from three powerful and refined engines. Top of the range is the ultra-powerful 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine, 510 hp is. This new "flagship" brand engine is only available on the Supersport finish and is completed by a V8 gasoline supply atmospheric 385 hp flexible and reactive. The range also has the remarkable diesel AJ-V6 Gen. III 3.0 liters and 275 hp. With its sequential twin-turbo system, it combines spectacular performance has remarkable levels of consumption and CO2 emissions.

Introduced early 2009, new petrol engines AJ-V8 Gen. III 5.0-liter direct injection have been developed from the outset to provide extra power and torque without compromising consumption or pollutant emissions. The primary objective was to give them a sporting character with a generous low-end torque and top performance abducted beach.

The results are impressive resolutely. Compared to the 4.2-liter V8 of the previous XJ, power was increased by 29% over the supercharged versions (510 hp) and atmospheric power. Despite a marked increase in performance, both engines are distinguished by a level of CO2 emissions and consumption comparable to that of their predecessors, and answering EU5 emissions standards and U.S. ULEV2.

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