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Nissan Canada unveiled its list of accessories to customize the Cube

Nissan Canada today unveiled the long list of accessories already available at dealerships, which allow you to customize the new Nissan cube ® 2009. The original design, pleasant and functional Nissan cube ® is of a position in itself, but the accessories allow the owner of a cube ® to customize their vehicle to assert his own style.

"We believe that the purchasers of cube ® will be resolved and original people, as the vehicle itself, and the proposed optional accessories offer them another way to stand out," says Allan Smerek, Director, after-sales services and quality assurance, Nissan Canada. "While many accessories are proposed simply for pleasure, as cover dashboard has long hair, others are functional additions and think well, such as elastic tensioners front doors, on which you can hang iPod, pens and other paraphernalia. "

Extent and a unique range of accessories allows owners to customize cube ® outside as inside their vehicle. An aero kit five rooms, either lateral spars, a front skirt, a skirt and a rear spoiler, assorted colors to the vehicle, gives a new cube ® astonishing pace. Fog lamps, a chrome grille and custom alloy wheels has eight spokes represent only some of the proposed accessories that will turn heads.

On the inside, the owners can add accessories to create an atmosphere of living room, one extra interior lighting that illuminates in various colors according to the mood of the moment, the legroom in the front and the cupholders. A utility pouch is an excellent place to store various things, the chewing gum and other small items while fishing hooks coil, lemon or lime give a touch of color while allowing to hang various items.

For a complete list of accessories and prices, please visit site.

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