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The 'WorldFirst' she carbide residue in chocolate

Researchers at the University of Warwick in England have designed a prototype of a race car that can drink from a chocolate residue. The latter can also use biofuels based on vegetable oils or of different waste from targeted plants.

This race car answering the standards required in Formula 3 race, very popular and widespread in European soil, could reach a top speed ESTIMATED AT 145 km / h, but the ideal cruising speed would be around the 60 km / h .

The 'WorldFirst' also benefited from a very ecological design, many of its components which are materials called 'clean'. Thus, the steering wheel is designed fiber-based core, while the seat is made of flax fiber and soybean oil foam.

To Mr. James Meredith, director of this project very commendable, it is the very real evidence, we can design a race car has powerful and respectful of the environment.

The 'WorldFirst' she carbide residue in chocolate picture #1

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