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Of hydrogen-powered vehicles at the airport Trudeau

Ottawa and Montreal Airports launched a pilot hydrogen vehicles.

In fact, two airports in the country will participate in the experience to roll several hydrogen vehicles, including airport Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau in Montreal. The other airport participant will subsequently known.

In total, $ 14 million will be invested in these projects, including $ 11 million over three years in Dorval (Montreal). The federal government is investing $ 2.5 million in the project and Quebec $ 2.4 million.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest moves for this ad on Monday at the airport, seeing it as a symbol of the fight against climate change, because the hydrogen emits no greenhouse gas emissions.

The project, led by the company Air Liquide, will last from spring 2010 until March 2011.

During this time, various types of vehicles from the airport will be converted to the hydrogen, such as lift trucks, vans, passenger cars, shuttle buses and commercial vehicles.

If the project is successful, it could be extended.

Premier Charest has not excluded that hydrogen technology is applied a day the government fleet vehicles. "It remains an open question. This is a technology that has not yet experienced many applications at the transport level, not in Quebec. So we will do a first test here and it is very open to these questions it, "he has commented.

Handouts of the announcement of the project explained that the hydrogen is used in a fuel cell, and when in contact with oxygen in the air, it produces electricity to power the vehicle .

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