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Buick Regal 2011 return of the prodigal son

Although the model Buick Regal, is no longer available in America since 2004, all indications are that it will be available again in North America in 2011. However, the name Regal has never completely extinguished, although the contrary, since the new Asian markets, notably China, the Buick Regal is an extremely popular car.

Originally, the Opel Insignia sedan that had served as a springboard to the model Saturn Aura, will henceforth become the platform on which GM will develop future Buick Regal. Recall that the latter, in its rationalization plan, decided to sell its Saturn and Saab brands, and raiding the coast of Pontiac products. Thus, the new Opel Insignia second generation which has just made its entry on the European markets, rather become a Buick Regal and not a Saturn Aura, as originally planned ...

In addition, this newcomer will be assembled in October 2011 in the Ontarian Oshawa and the dimensions of the Chevrolet Impala and Buick LaCrosse.

The new Opel Insignia has been elected 'Car of the year 2009' by a bunch of 59 journalists experts, distributed in twenty countries. Aesthetically, the latter is an extremely seductive sedan, which owns all the assets to enter into competition with the popular Toyota Camry and Honda ultras Agreement, which are now considered standards in the market for intermediate, this segment so dear to of North American.

Obviously, it is much too early to talk about the engines to be distributed to meet the North-American clientele. The European side, it has seven different engines, three diesel and four atmospheric, one EcoFLEX engine fumes to reduced CO2 ...

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